Week 79

She’s 21!!! #babygirlallgrownup

Yeah…. we may have thought our car was stuck in the snow, but really the emergency brake was just on…


Sum up of the week….

-MLC, which means great food and going to the temple!

-One day with two meal appointments, a.k.a. full to the max, as in I needed to be rolled to the car.

-Zone Training, not sure how we pulled off our discussion that we had to do… angels definitely helped us get through that day!

-Gave 2 musical numbers!! Yeah, totally thought I’d get through my whole mission without having to do it and then of course within the last two weeks we were asked to do 2. Heavenly Father is just making me grow in all kinds of ways on my mission;) BUT it was such a blessing because…. I got to see the man from Lappeenranta who I was able to be part of his journey into joining the church!! It was such a surprise. He’d come down to do baptisms for the dead for the first time with the Bishop and we were also at the temple guest house for the musical numbers. Ahhhhh, truly, the best day and biggest blessing of my mission to watch him walk down from his first time being at the temple:) Really, words can’t explain how great it was! I’ll show you pictures soon! AND he wore a suit. First time I’ve ever seen him in something like that!

-Gave a talk… my last talk in Finnish… really weird.

-Had one last exchange! a.k.a. day full of miracles!

-And then now, today…. which is Sisar Norman’s bday! Which is also why this letter is short and not so great!

But I love you all! One last email next week! I’ll be emailing on Monday by the way:) Love you all!


Sisar Carter


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