Week 78

Mmmmmm:) Downtown Helsinki shopping trip with ma ladies and this for lunch… uh ok!! emails and burgers… my kind of life #seeyalatervegitarianlife


Inside the Big White Church (Tuomio Kirkko) in Helsinki


From the top looking down to the tori


And… the outside:)




Mmmmm, nature lovin in Marjaniemi


Winter… It’s back!


Car washing in the winter… yeah… we do it even when it’s snowing:)

Well… 18 months strong:)


Ok…. This week was madness! But so good. In short, our companionship was pretty much never together. With the combo of three exchanges and two of them being out of our area and travel time and then a day in Helsinki… it was pure craziness bliss. But we servived;) AND it’s soooo snowy now with much more on the way!

For the sake of time I’m just going to share pics this week… love you all! Hope Kohl and Brooke had the best b-days!! Love you!!

Sister Carter


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