Week 76

haha sorry for the lame pic… not much to offer this week. just doing some good ol’ book work! peace n blessings have a good week!
And some more grocery shoppin… 🙂 3 carts this week! The stares increased even more!

Puu palaa poroksi

Moikka Moi,

I seriously don’t know where my time even goes these days! It will be another week of pictures and not much to write… sorry about that. This past week we were busy helping with Interim and then today we had a busy day shopping again for the interim we will be attending this week with our cute lil trainee! Interim is always the best, bot to mention we get to go to the temple which is always such a beautiful experience. This change has been so fun always being at the temple guest house to teach lessons and whatnot. We’re seriously so spoiled that our area has the temple in it!

Ok… well something weird just happened with my email and I unfortunately have to go:( I love you all SO much! Thanks for your thoughts and if it’s not too much to ask, I’d love to hear any advice for you all have for these last few weeks. Things to study, do, how to act, what helped you in your final weeks (if you served), how to stay happy and focused, and whatnot… I feel as though my head is spinning these days with all that is going on and I could just really use some advice (any advice that pops into your head) from my loved ones:) Thanks!

Love you!!

And make sure to spoil Daddio to death today!! Happy Birthday Baldie!!


Sisar Carter

Puu palaa poroksi – learned this phrase today at our district meeting’s language moment. Directly translated it means the tree burned into a reindeer ha… or in english it was blown to smithereens! Can’t get more Finnish than trees burning into reindeers haha.


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