Week 75


We got a surprise email from a couple that was visiting Finland this past week… “We saw these beautiful missionaries tracking the street we just walked. You can be proud of them!”… thought I would share! -Cassidy
Road trip back to Mikelli for the day… uhhh mmmk! Ps. this was a pretty solid road trip complete with President and Sister Watson haha. It was a really good morning and felt like a family trip. We even had some pretty solid road trip snacks thanks to Sister Watson! She always pulls through for us! Pumpkin flavored almonds from America for the win!
Morning jog in downtown Helsinki to this beautiful place!
Reunited! My 1st trainee and I in one of my past areas together!! Ah the best!
Car washing… every p-day…
…. If the Finns didn’t already think we were crazy, they definitely do now!
Shopping trip with Sisar Watson!! Let’s just say Finns don’t normally shop like this, we got our fair share of weird looks! One young girl passed us when we took this photo and said in her english accent, “oh. my. gosh!” haha.



Literally everyone and their dog was there, but really it’s Finland, the dogs were actually there…

Another, insane but good week! It’s been so fun having greenie around for my last change! She points out things that have now become the norm and makes me remember the funny things like how everyone is dog obsessed and whatnot. (ei. when she said , “Literally everyone and their dog was there, but really it’s Finland, the dogs were actually there…”). Its fun to be reminded of why I feel in love with Finland and re-kindle all the memories from the past 16 or so months.

This week we were everywhere! Starting out with Monday in Haaga for exchanges, then back in Haaga again two days later for Zone Conference, then back up to one of my favorite cities Mikkeli for the East’s Zone Conference, and finally spending the next day in downtown Helsinki with the Neitsytpolku Sisters (where we ran into a couple who were visiting from the US, they caught us contacting and actually really scared us at first when they came up to us speaking in English! We were like oh no what did we do wrong?? Cause no one ever approaches us here in FinnyFinland). It was a literally a week of going down memory lane! And then ending the week of with a real bang yesterday when we spent what turned into the WHOLE day with Sister Watson grocery shopping and preparing for the first of two weeks of Interim (when all the new trainees gather at the mission home for a week of training and whatnot). It was a fun day with her and a good change of pace. Although I was like oh man and I thought being a missionary was hard!! Not sure how I’m ever going to be a mom, you all do the REALLY tiring work! So shout out to all you mommas today for being so great!

Ok, I’ve got to go! I love you all.


Sisar Carter

P.S. Sorry for not having any good spiritual insights or anything… but one big thing I’ve really studied this week is 3 Nephi 11 (especially the first probably 10 verses or so). I know its a classic, but worth another read… worth some solid pondering time:) We can talk details later! Love you all!


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