Week 74

In love with LPR!! Didn’t get to see too much of the city when we were there, but it was so fun to be “home”!!
Wonderful night at the temple! … I was going to send a picture without those people in front, but I decided I liked it better with them. Those people are faithful members from a city outside Moscow Russia. They are incredible and so strong, especially with all that is going on in Russia right now (with missionaries and whatnot). Keep the Russian saints in your prayers:)
Temple date!

Sorry, worst email ever!!

Ya’ll I’m seriously so sorry!! This is going to be short, again!! Quick rundown, we’ve been in our area for only 2 days this past week haha. Really busy with two full days of meetings at the mission home and then 2 exchanges with other sisters. There have been incredible miracles and if I have the time to write in my journal I’ll share them with you when I get home ha… or maybe we’ll just try to decipher my scribbled and re-written planner to remember what all happened;) Life is pretty insane, but great! This is seriously the worst letter ever, but here are some pictures!!

Love you all!!!!


Sisar Carter

P.S. I just saw a note in my planner for Alma 34:4… this was something pointed out to us by someone we just began teaching and led to a really cool lesson/experience. Can’t explain that all now but thought I’d at least pass the reference along:)


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