Week 73

Finnish Class! We teach, well I learn from them more than I teach! (seriously though I didn’t even know how to say H the finnish way till that day ha:)


We balance each other out…. literally. (Can I get any cheesier than that last description… probably not.)


General Conference/ leaves loving!


Surprise exchanges = burrito runs! Love Helsinki and LOVE tortilla house! …. and mostly LOVE Sisar Cardon!


Surprise exchanges and zero time:( anteeks!


Sorry ya’ll! Not much time this week to write but here’s the really quick update…. We had an incredible meeting/ planning for home session at the Watson’s, then our companionship got to join them for dinner. It was such a blast and we got to hear some of their dating stories;) Then we basked in the joy of General Conference! It was soooo good! We ate a lot (spiritually and physically;), it was wonderful! I still need to go through notes and all that, but there were many tender mercies and prayers answered for me within the words they shared and surely for you all as well. Now Sisar Cardon and I are on a surprise exchange with the Lappeenranta Sisters today. We arrived last night and now get to spend the day with them in the city that means so much to me! It’s been so fun and a great walk down memory lane!

Ok I love you all so much! Thanks for all the work everyone is doing for me back home and for all the love I feel from you constantly! It’s so appreciated!

Love you!!

Sisar Carter


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