Week 71

Post-Talent Show Success faces/ It’s a miracle we even survived today faces


Lunch with these dolls! The senior missionaries in our ward spoiled us with lunch at a restaurant over looking the Baltic.


Haha this man… one of our favorite friends in Oulu… Not at all interested in our message but he walks around everywhere with the Book of Mormon we gave him on his walker. He really likes us even though he’s sometimes mean and tells us we should learn to speak better Finnish ha.


Hate the idea of leaving streets like these!


We’ve been making the best of our morning runs and bike rides…. enjoy a bit of Oulu!!





We literally live in the movie Safe Haven… well that movie on steroids.




I know I’ve sent pictures of these places before, but last night the water was just so calm and the sky so pink… prettiest sight ever!




When you learn you’ve been spelling “hello” wrong your whole mission…



Well… first off can I just say I feel dumb! I was showing our friend Ewe my blog the other day so she could steal some photos she wanted from it… and then she looked at me and said, ehhhh just so you know you spell moikka with 2 k’s and heippä with with 2 p’s…. mmmmm. Yeah gotta love it when the most common word out there that you use daily you’ve been writing wrong for nearly a year and a half. How I missed that memo I don’t know haha… wow. finnish….

But besides that this week was pretty superb. Being Sisar Jacobsen’s last week in Finland we we have been booked all day every day with people trying to say goodbyes, fit in last minute appointments, bake treats for everyone, somehow manage to put of a talent show and zone conference…. really though last week was insane…. and just to add to all that insanity (the insanity that probably won’t stop till we step on our train tomorrow) I am getting transferred as well. And lets just say, dreams really do come true. Remember all the way back to when I left Sisar Cardon at the MTC and we wished and hoped that somehow we’d be able to serve with each other in the field. Well yeah…. she’s my new companion!!!! Couldn’t ask at all for a better last change call. It has been bitter sweet for sure, I love Oulu. This place, the work we’ve done here, the members, and Sisar Jacobsen…. it’s all been way more than I could have ever dreamed would happen on my mission. 2 months of non-stop miracles for sure! But now it’s time to leave the lovely north and go back south to Espoo! Our apartment is literally a packing nightmare right now haha, and I’d totally just put down roots because I didn’t expect to be leaving until I actually left for home. It will be so good though to end my mission there because I will literally be SO busy. The sister training leaders in Espoo are a lot busier than we are up here and we’ll probably be doing at minimum 1-2 splits every week and the weeks we’re not will be because of other meetings and whatnot going on. Oh yeah and not only that but… we’re training a new sister from Merica haha ha ha ehhhhh…. If I weren’t so excited for it all I might be panicking;) jk not really, but it is going to be insane. But I suppose every sister in this mission is feeling that way right now. Because we are getting so many new missionaries this change and next every sister is pretty much training, finishing training, or becoming a senior companion for the first time… and a lot of them are shotgun training.

But back to this past week…. well like I said we had so much going on. One of the biggest blessings was that our talent show actually happened. We hadn’t had any time to plan for it so literally the 1-2 days before we really cracked down and made it happen. Friday was most definitely one of the craziest days of my life and we’ve never biked and baked SO much, but it was all so worth it. All those who came had the cutest little talents. Honestly…. can’t even describe this week. The rest of it was just pure miraculous insanity. All I can say is bring on the final 9 weeks!

Love you all! Have a great week and see ya in Espoo!


Sisar Carter


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