Week 70

haha…. yeah Sisar Jacobsen will kill me if I explain why we were so stoked… but she’d just done a really great thing:)


Our district…. gotta love the cute little missionary life.


Uhhhhh…. the best thing I’ve ever eaten! Yeah…. we’re going back again today, it’s that good!


Cutest restaurant ever. Forever in love with this pancake place.


African food for the win!!


The meat…. yeah I’m a stinkin’ carnivor now… but not really I ate like two bites and then gave it to sisar jacobsen, it grossed me out ha.


Holy smokes, miracles up on miracles…. ps last double digit week left:/


wow wow wow… what a week. To be honest words can’t even begin to describe how great this week was. But no-one has the time or jaksaa to hear all that so here are the highlights.

But first, quick side-note… ehhhhh sorry Hudson-man. Your chocolate is in the mail lil man! I am so incredibly behind on everything these days and ya’lls chocolate/letters tend to sit on my desk for way too long before I can make it to the Posti. The Posti has been so close to where I live in every other city but here in Oulu we just never go past it. So sorrrrryyyyy! Your belated b-day gift is on it’s way Hudson and know I love you and think you’re the coolest 3 year old ever and can’t wait to party with you when I get home! We’re going to go on a auntie/nephew date for sure!

Ok, so about this week. We’ve been teaching and finding new people to teach like mad! It’s been so incredible to watch God’s hand in literally everything we do. We had a lofty goal for finding new people to teach and we actually made it! But not without some angels definitely backing up our weak efforts. Every night we just sat in our bed thinking… ehhh what just happened. It was everything from people bringing friends to lessons to having their roommates join in, to eating african food with our kenyan buddies, to tracting into the most prepared soul I’ve ever met! But particulars…. So last thursday I think we were helping our friend Ewe and it ended up taking longer than we’d expected. Not knowing what to do we hopped on our bikes and went to our favorite place instead of what we’d previously planned (going home and doing area book work which we desperately needed to do). In the short 50 minutes we had before dinner we were able to find 3 people to potentially teach, recieve a referral for someone to teach, and get let in a door and teach a first lesson with an amazing woman. It was insane. The following day we met up with that woman again and taught about the restoration and what the Book of Mormon actually is. This girl, someone who less than 24 hours earlier knew little to nothing about even the existence of God was now understanding who He truly is. Words can’t describe her lesson. The previous day she had told us that she wanted to understand how her friend (a christian) could believe in something she can’t see and actually have it bring her peace. It was amazing to watch everything begin clicking in her head. At one point we showed her a picture of Christ. As she looked at it she said, “this picture makes Him feel like a real person”, to which we replied, “He is” (thinking we’d already been clear about that ha, teaching fail). She then said, “wait He was real, like actually real??!”, to which we said simply, “yes”. That little yes was easily one of the strongest testimonies I’ve ever been able to give of my Savior. A simple and sure-fire yes, that He lived, and that He still does. Ah…. like I said words can’t explain but I do know that God truly does take all we’re doing (even if it’s not perfect) and works with it. He molds our plans and works with all we can offer to bring about miracles when we are striving for our best.

Mmmmmk… I have to get if I want to send pictures:) Love you all! Ps my p-day will be on monday next week because of the transfers. Unfortunately I’ll be saying goodbye to the beautiful Sisar Jacobsen in one week. Who knows where I’ll be for the next 10 weeks! Exciting times:) Love you!! Have a great week!


Sisar Carter


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