Week 68

Making pulla with our favorite lady!! Best birthday ever!!


Finished product!




Ewe!! Love her! She played us music while we waited for the bread to rise! Heaven!


Mission Tour…. ahhhh missionaries at their finest;)


The adventures of trying to get home!! haha Hurricane like winds and then some!!


So it may have taken us one train and two unexpected buses to get home from tour but at least the train people got us home!! And gave us free food vouchers for the train’s restaurant:) No complaints! Bring on the storms!


The golden leaves are coming!!



Oh my it has truly felt like Fall up here in Oulu lately. We did a good amount of traveling this past week and it was so fun to get back home to our beautiful city where leaves are turning and all the college kids are back in town! Never wanted so much to go back to school;) But I suppose that’s just part of Fall. Air is crisp, spice cake is out, and everything just feels fresher!

But I’m going to stop rambling cause I really don’t have the time today unfortunately!! But like I said we spent a lot of time traveling, first to Helsinki for a meeting at the mission home (7 hr train), and then woke up early the following morning to travel a couple hours to Tampere where we were taught and inspired by the European Area Presidency. It was so inspiring and I wish I had more time to dive into all that goodness but I will leave you with one of my favorite thoughts from the day!

May we learn to know that we are known!

Love this gospel and that through it we can truly know of our divine inheritance!

Love you all and have a beautiful week! Everyone give Hudson the biggest hugs this week for me! Happy 3 years handsome!


Sisar Carter

Oh and REALLY important!! Everyone go and check out this video!! My friend Ewe (Eva) is such a talented singer/songwriter (this video does her no justice!!). She’s such a sincere girl and reallllly talented. Enjoy!! 🙂 (and share!!)


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