Week 67

I’ll send more next week but here’s a little somethin!




No makeup and way cute outfit… couldn’t wait a second longer! Thanks for the birthday love!



Who thought I’d be 24 and still have a bedtime…??


If only I could begin to describe how incredible this past week has been! Sisar Jacobsen and I are coming into our last week teaching most of our investigators before handing them all over to another set of missionaries who are taking over part of our area and we were a little apprehensive about the idea (lets get real teaching or knocking doors all day every day… as fun as that can be sometimes, definitely have the teaching bug now and would much rather be doing that). Well lets just say heaven’s doors opened this past week and poured out blessings upon blessings! Last week alone we found 7 new people we’re teaching… and mind you this is still Finland I’m talking about. That kinda stuff just does not happen. And yesterday we had 10 people give us their information to contact them… to through that into perspective our goal for this week was 8! I feel like I’ve never had the “ehhhh, what just happened” look plastered on my face more than I have this week. It’s been so crazy!

Couldn’t ask for anything better leading up to my birthday! Speaking of which thank you all for the best birthday wishes! I feel so loved and definitely opened up all the cards and package first thing this morning! I was able to wait till today but as soon as exercise time was over this morning I was busting that baby open! And of course everything was perfect! you all know me so well and I feel very lucky to be sporting a new shirt and rings today along with a necklace from my birthday last year…. wow spoiled! Sisar Jacobsen is such an angel and has been telling everyone it’s my birthday, making me breakfast, organizing bread making for today with a lady in our ward that always comes on lessons with us… etc etc. It’s all been so wonderful already!

Probably the best moment of the week was a chain of events that led us to meeting these two young students from Vietnam. It’s literally been 3 plus weeks that have contributed to the random meeting of them in the park this past week. A meeting which resulted in us walking with them to their apartment and teaching them that there is even a God. They’re super cute! Can’t wait till I can give more details about them.

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this, but I started reading the Book of Mormon with an emphasis of trust. I’m still in the beginning but it has already proven to be one of the most valuable studies I’ve done on my mission, if not ever… pulling out new insights on so many different things. So to sign off today I’ll share a very simple but always needed reminder of…

“Nevertheless, I know in whom I have trusted.” – 2 Nephi 4:19

Love you all! Thanks for all your love!


Sisar Carter


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