Week 66

Magical moment when some punk kid on the street tried to prove us wrong by grabbing the Book of Mormon and randomly flipping it open and reading…. He landed on Helaman 15:10 And now, because of their steadfastness when they do believe in that thing which they do believe, for because of their firmness when they are once enlightened, behold, the Lord shall bless them and prolong their days, notwithstanding their iniquity. Then he looked at us and was like hmmmm pretty good and took the book and walked away haha.


Lookin’ like a wet rat in Vaasa with this little cutie! 😉 I am… not her!!


Mmmm Vaasa!!




Quick snapshots on the ride home last night! This place is heaven!



Vassa lovin’… but really!! It’s the place I secretly always wanted to go to



Oh man! So much love from around the world today! Thanks for all the notes and all the pictures! Ah SO many pictures this week…. so yeah needless to say most of my email time has been well spent starring at all your faces:) I have the cutest family and friends EVER!

But short on time so here’s a quick run down of the week. We started out by doing some good ol’ p-day shopping (starting to gather things so if anyone has a wish list or something they want from here please let me know!), then the next day we had a day of crazy travels (running from bus to bus) trying to get to Vaasa for splits. It was pretty intense for a bit there but we made it! It was such a fun couple of days. Vaasa is gorgeous and I got to be with Sister Hayter from my MTC group and her newbie from America Sister Parker! Really great time, and learned so much from them. They are primarily teaching a lot of English speakers which was fun but I forgot how hard it is! I literally would just go blank cause it felt so foreign to teach in English or I word vomit all over the place spitting out words like salvation and dispensation to these people who are just starting to learn who God even is ha… and English isn’t even their mother language. Ehhhh… oooops… but its actually really cool to teach in your mother tongue. We are currently teaching one man from Africa in Oulu but he’s been taught so much that we can use the fancy words. His lessons are by far my favorite because there truly is just something so sacred about your mother tongue. Never realized how true that is, or how grateful I am for English until coming to Finland. But ultimately I’m pretty sure that God knew what he was doing when he sent me here… he knew I’d talk for days with people if I had gone English speaking ha. Now I just have to stick to the basic truths, which there is something really sacred about all that too. There’s nothing more powerful than realizing that it is truly only by the grace and help of God that you are able to communicate with someone in a completely different language.

Well I really have to jet… I know that was just a big ramble so sorry…. love you all!! Have so much fun with your last bit of summer!


Sisar Carter


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