Week 65

Mmmm stormy days:)


Riding like mad… always (Sisar Jacobsen and our mini)


Berry picking with our cute old friend… mmm ok! (These berries are only found in Finland, the green ones were incredible!)





Staches, Saunas, and our Mini


Moika Moi

This week was literally heaven! Ah we are in serious mini missionary withdrawals right now. It was surprisingly fun speaking in Finnish all week… it was only possible through the use of many hand motions sometimes but so fun. And she was so incredibly patient with helping us learn (Finnish isn’t her native tongue either so she gets us;) One of the best moments was definitely when we contacted into this little old, hard of hearing, lady outside our building. Conversation went a bit like this…

Us: “Meilla on mahtava sanoma…” (We have an awesome message…)

Her: “En mie tule sauna teidän kanssa” (I don’t want to go to sauna with you)

Us: “Ei sauna!! sanoma” (Not sauna!!! message)

Her: “Ei Ei Ei. Minulla on mies” (no no no. I have a man)

Haha Oulu has a lot of older people and the conversations like this are always a highlight. So funny. But really, this week was a blast. We learned so much more from her than I think we taught her. It was such a blessing to watch her, this spicy little girl, be-friend everyone she met. Far too often we fall into these robotic missionary modes, especially when you’re speaking a different language, and it’s easy to forget we’re human and so are they. Good wake up call for sure! She was also such a blessing from heaven as she helped Sisar Jacobsen and I feel like women again (yeah she definitely did this weird string thing to remove our “mustaches” haha…. it was so great and so painful!).

Well it pretty much looks like a hurricane just hit outside. We’ve been having the weirdest stormy days lately and the days are already getting so much darker. It’s pretty sad and crazy that it’s already almost the end of summer!

Anyway, I have to go…. I love you all! Have an incredible week and know I think about you all and talk about you all the time!


Sisar Carter


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