Week 64

You know just take a quick trip down to Helsinki for some meetings…. airplane style! No big deal…. 🙂




Reunited!! It’s literally been a year since I’ve seen Sister Cardon! Ah, this week was the best. We stayed up all night catching up with these dolls… needless to say we had a little bit of an MLC hangover when we got back to Oulu;)


Trunkie letters for the win! Filling out departure papers… ahhhh, can hardly believe its time for all this!


My new companion… what a babe!


Anteeks… still don’t have many good pictures of Oulu… these next few were taken on my bike so they’re kinda cruddy, but enjoy!






Planes, trunkie letters, mini missionary, SYL week, and then some…



Oh boy… these letters get harder and harder to write. I feel like too much has happened to even know where to begin! This week went really quickly. It began with a beautiful p-day full of wandering around Oulu shopping and then hanging down at the pier where we were able to just sit and soak in the sun. Then the following morning we jumped on a plane to Helsinki where we were warmly greeted by my long lost companion Sisar Cardon and my friend Sisar McAllister. Sisar Jacobsen has served with both of them so needless to say it was a party when all four of us reunited! We then spent the day with them going to their district meeting and eating lunch before heading to the mission home where we cooked with Sister Watson (our mission president’s wife) and prepared for all the other missionaries to come. The next day was filled with meetings where we discussed the needs of the mission, a lot of incredible food, and finally a temple trip with everyone. It was such a wonderful day, especially because of the people I got to share it with.

We then woke up early on Friday morning to catch our plane back. It felt so good and so weird to be in the airports (lets get real, I loved it, traveling is my favorite!). For a second there I felt like a normal person… and then I looked down at my skirt. haha. The rest of the week was filled with non-stop lessons and biking, and random lawn-mowing in the rain (we’ve had the weirdest whether, it changes from being crazy hot to pouring rain at least 5 times a day!). Overall its been really good this week, especially when our mini missionary got to town last night. She’s darling and actually a recent convert…. and doesn’t speak any English…. so yeah, uhhh pray for me?! My Finnish skills are going to be put to the test, and then some this week! But it will be so good and she’s so cute and willing to help us with our Finnish that it’s really no problem.

Well…. I really don’t know what else to write… sorry this is super scattered and kind of a dumb letter. Till next week!


Sisar Carter


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