Week 61

You’d think I’d planned this or something;) Sisar Willoughby, “Katso, you match the building Sisar Carter!!”


Pretending to be all artsy and cultured…




Phone call breaks on a “Parent Trap” swing (like the swing in the movie The Parent Trap). Pretty much every apartment building in Finland has one of these babies.





en ma tiedä….. a.k.a. can’t think of a good subject line


What a week this week has been! I didn’t really feel like there was much until Sisar Willoughby started listing everything she was going to write home about this morning! (So you all can thank her).

Last Tuesday we spent our afternoon at Lappeenranta’s Art museum. It was fun to walk around and pretend to be “artsy” again.

We also attended our ward’s Makkara Ilta (Sausage Night), where we roasted sausages and got into an “intense” game of floor hockey. We weren’t super prepared for that one but we held our own in our skirts and socks;)

We had a wonderful surprise when an old investigator called us asking if we could meet and teach her son as well! Needless to say we’re pretty excited about that. We met together last Friday and she’s incredible. She’s gone through so much, because of which she’s really strong and a wonderful mother. (Cross your fingers I don’t get transferred out of Lappeenranta this week!!)

Our member friend also treated us to lunch with a couple who’s visiting here from Utah. We ate at this cute little cafe on the harbor. Little did she know it’s a place I’ve always wanted to try! We’re pretty spoiled!

And as far as the rest of the week well…. we had a very interesting lesson with a man who gave us handsoap and Sisar Willoughby had her first run-in with a man who answered the door in his speedo:) Kiitos Finland…. Kiitos.

This week also had many break through moments as I re-learned about the power of total relaiance on the Lord. After a lot of time wondering what I was doing wrong, feeling that I’m not good enough for His work, etc etc… I was blessed with a day where I knew I needed my Heavenly Father. Where all I felt like I could do in order to keep my patience and not feel so annoyed with things was to have that constant prayer in my heart, pleading for His assistance. And it worked. slowly as the day went on I realized that I was right, I can’t do this work… but He can. As I found myself diligently praying for His help that day He proved that He has called little ol’ me to do His work. I’m reminded of a hymn that says, “Precious Savior, Dear Redeemer, I am weak, but thou are strong”. It’s in our constant remembrance of Him that we are able to find strength. He needs meto be His instrument. He’s called all of us to do different roles and He needs all of our unique sounds to create His symphony. What a blessing to know that I don’t need to be a missionary robot in order to do this work…. cause yeah, that’s just not my style;)

Anyways…. love you all and got to go! I loved seeing more pictures from your adventrues in Idaho! Ya’ll are the cutest!


Sisar Carter


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