Week 60

Celebrating Kanadalainen (Canadian) Day with hotdogs and my favorite Canadian at the international market!


DSC05778%5b1%5d (1)


Little bits of heaven! These have been popping up everywhere!


Sad goodbyes to Tiia! Our favorite RM in Lappeenranta, but she’s off to Helsinki for schooling, can’t blame her:)


This is how our 4th of July started haha. Rainy and wet!


And this is how it ended….. ditching the umbrella for my winter coat that’s actually waterproof (yeah winter coats in July yay for Finland weather!) and running down the ice cream truck to so that we could eat soggy ice cream in the rain:) Best 4th ever:)


Who said that we’d never find a Finn with my name?!

But what if you REALLLLLY like him??


Moika Moi!

So just realized that I only have about 10 minutes left…. sooooo picture week! Love you all and loved seeing all the pictures from the 4th! My family is definitely the cutest out there… and also props to Cam and Brooke for not letting Hudson forget about me! I heard from reliable resources that I’m on his most favorite people list along with Siri (the iphone voice)… let’s just say I’m honored! Love you all! Miss you all like crazy!


Sisar Carter

P.S. Funniest moment this week was spending about 10 minutes trying to explain in Finnish to some old man why we can’t give him/any boys hugs. “But what if you REALLY like a boy”…. “Even then, when we’re missionaries we STILL can’t”… “Even if you REALLLLLY like him?!”…. haha He had all sorts of reasons and questions about this no-hugging thing ha.


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