Week 59



Morning walks in Espoo:)


Walks with Sister Watson and these other lovely ladies=perfection… and all that greenery isn’t too bad either:)


Bunnies!! (Don’t they look just like my old bunnies?!)


So all that fun playing with the kids during Juhannus led to some nasty bug bitten, or I guess devoured legs and feet haha… soaking them in cold water was the only thing that would ease the itch so the kitchen sink and I have been good friends the past few days;) (ignore our dirty dishes haha oops!)


BUT because of the bug bites I’ve been able to enjoy the long nights… a.k.a. the itching would wake me up in the middle of the night and I’d have to go soak my feet. But I also got a chance to capture how light it is in the middle of the night. I woke up around 2 am and 12:30 am (pictured) and both nights looked like this. I’m pretty sure that the sun is never fully setting right now. This is the darkest it gets!


Long Nights and Bug Bites


Ok ok… so little to no time. With two-weeks worth of reading and picture browsing there’s little time for writing! But I’m sooooo very grateful for all that you sent:) I loved it! It was like Christmas:)

Highlights from the week… Interim of course. It was such a fun week and so good to get a chance to go to the temple again! I love the Helsinki temple, it’s truly become one of my absolute favorite places! The week was filled with a lot of amazing conversations and thoughts about our Savior and the reason why we’re here giving our time to Him. It was a good chance to review my reasoning and desire to be here. It was also really great to just be around missionaries and have a “break” from the norm.

When we arrived back home on Friday it was Juhannusautto…. which is Mid-Summer’s Eve. Both Friday and Saturday (Juhannus) are major holidays in Finland (a.k.a. red days for missionaries). But luckily our ward is incredible and saved us from spending the two days inside. Friday night we spent with one family eating lots of makarra (sausages) and other grilled dishes. As well as playing with their kids and wandering through the forest finding and eating blueberries. Then on Saturday we went spent the Morning with a member, playing with their new bunnies and just hanging out. Afterwards we spent the remainder of the day with another family playing soccer, card games, and eating around a campfire. It was an amazing couple of days and so fun to be surrounded by my Finnish family:)

Ok… now I truly have to go! Love you all!

Sisar Carter


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