Week 57

Doing what we do best!



Tea Parties (When your District Leader’s bus gets changed and you have extra time to burn in a foreign city you make hot cocoa and apple pastries at the church while studying:)



The first wild strawberry of the year!
Mmmm Suomi:)

Hyvää Isän Päivää! (Happy Father’s Day!)



This week was another blur… I really am not sure what even happened this week vs the week prior ha. It’s all just becoming a big beautiful mess in my mind ha. It was a lot of things getting re-arranged and cancelled, tea parties on the go, ups and downs, unpredictable 40 minute street conversations… just all sorts of good stuff! It was actually kind of funny that 40 minute conversation. It was last night and we had gone into our apartment around 8:15 to make some phone calls and read the Book of Mormon with some people. We ended up finishing about 15 minutes before 9:00 so we decided to be good little missionaries and finish our night on the streets. Well about 6 minutes before 9:00 and 3 before we needed to be heading to our building and we hadn’t seen anyone… the streets were empty! Then finally in the distance we see two people coming our direction. So we “casually” walk their way as well and when we began to stop them the younger of the two men threw his head back and went “Uhhhhhhhh!!!”. We were like oops and figured we’d get brushed off really quickly… but instead we found out the real reason why was because of the older gentleman with him who happily began a conversation with us… for 40 minutes ha (guessing he knew the character of this man, and that he’d be stuck talking to us for a long time, oops sorry!). I was actually shocked at how quickly the time went. All of a sudden our phone’s “you should be done with nightly planning now” alarm went off and we realized it was 9:30. But he was way cool and even the younger man was happy by the end of the conversation.

Mmmmm…. honestly I’m not sure what else went down this week. Lessons. Finnish people. Attempting to speak their language. Studies. Knocking doors. Making treats for people in the ward…. ja niin pois pain (ect).

Just another week! Sorry for the lame email ha. Have an amazing Father’s Day everyone and give Dad lots of love this weekend!! Also Happy Father’s Day to all you Dads out there! To Grandpas (Grumps and Papa), Uncles, Brothers, and all those who have shown me what it means to be a father, husband, and just overall example! You all mean the world to me:) Love you all and have the greatest week/weekend together!


Sisar Carter


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