Week 56

Finnish Forests! Ihana!!
A feet picture ha, for Cassidy;)
Moika Russia! Just dawned on me the other day just how close I am to Russia!
Cards (golf), pulla, and peppermint tea! Mmmmk:)
Compi Necklaces… haha the simple joys in life:)

Old man kisses and 13 months in the bag and “nolla”



Wow! Another week, and I’m exhausted! In the past 36 hours or so we’ve been to and from Espoo (a.k.a. Helsinki area) for splits, and although I LOVE getting to travel it just wiped me out this time ha. Our mission has begun doing their splits differently where every other transfer you either go to the Sister Training Leaders area for splits or they come to yours. So this time we got to travel to them! It was really fun and nice to be in someone else’s area, seeing just how they “run the show”. Plus they live just a mile or so from the temple, which means we got to walk past it a few times throughout the day! Can’t beat that.

Week 2 of training went pretty well. I still feel like I’m getting in the groove of things but it’s all smoothing out. And I only had one major trainer fail this week! I’m not sure if I mentioned this last week but my poor trainee and I got hugged by a somewhat drunk man (unfortunately this happens every once and a while ha)…. well this week she got kissed on the cheek by an old man! haha. Part of me felt bad, but mostly I just laughed as soon as we were out of hearing distance of him ha. Welcome to Finland!! And then I told her next time that happens she just has to slug the guy before he can make a move;)

This week felt so busy but there really isn’t anything too crazy that I can tell you about… The people we’re working with right now are doing great! I love them all dearly and feel beyond blessed to have them, and their strong examples in my life! The absolute highlight of the week was when we called to talk with one of our investigators and read with him. Usually after reading we’ll talk for a few minutes about what we read… this particular day he was in a random part of the Book of Mormon and I had no idea what I was going to pull out of it. The subtle prompting came to ask him about his smoking (something he’s been trying to quit). Not going to lie, when the thought came I had a little bit of dread at the thought of asking him about it. We had decided to give him a break and not ask him about how it was going for a while to help with “this and that”. So I was more than a little apprehensive about asking about it so out of the blue. But, Heavenly Father knows him better than we do, and after asking how it was going he paused for a while (making me think the worst) before saying “nolla” (a.k.a. zero!!). I think I made him repeat himself a dozen times to make sure I understood correctly ha… you said “nolla” (zero), “not nelja, right…??” (nelja=four). It was perhaps one of the best moments on my mission to be honest! And I can’t wait till I can tell you more of his story cause this was a big deal for him! Needless to say he made my week and I’m so grateful for his incredible example!

But yeah… not too much to say this week… sorry for the lame e-mail! Love you all SO much!!


Sisar Carter


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