Week 55

Lappenranta ❤



Officially allowed to wear these bad boys! It’s a good day! (She’s happy about it I swear!)
Love locks! #brosforever 😉

Trainer fails, “Just run as fast as you can!”



Wow…. wow wow wow… sometimes I feel like that’s all I can say as I sit in bed at night and think of the days here. Sometimes it’s a wow I actually made it through that day and sometimes wow that was an amazing day. But regardless of what kind of “wow” it is, every day is blessing filled! This past week was definitely an adjustment week with a lot of unplanned craziness inbetween. I am so beyond thankful that I have a patient companion, all your supportive prayers, and a loving Heavenly Father who can help me through everything.

Today I was reflecting on a lesson that we had yesterday. It was a really good lesson (it was also in English), but nonetheless it was an amazing lesson because of who this individual is. Someone who is beyond prepared and eager to learn more. As I was thinking about her this morning I thought about the events that led up to our meeting… It was last thursday I believe and we woke up to another gray, stormy morning. By the time it was time to leave the apartment for the day it was storming pretty good and I immediately regreted that we hadn’t boughten umbrellas two days prior on our p-day (trainer fail #1;). With a full day of tracting and contacting ahead I gave in and we organized our time so that we could run to Prisma (the Finland Walmart) and grab umbrellas. As we reached the outside door to our apartment the rain turned into absolute buckets of water pouring down from the sky, I looked at my poor companion’s face and with the knowledge that our bus would be leaving in about 2 minutes I gave her the best advice I could, “just run as fast as you can“, and then we bolted out the door. In our short 2 block sprint we ran through flooded streets and may have both ran into a tree branch haha… and needless to say we were soaked from head to toe! (trainer fail #2). It was pretty funny and I’m sure everyone was like, what are the mormons doing as we both ran into the same branch and splashed through all the massive puddles ha. But we made our bus and were on our way! Then at Prisma our trying to be effecient didn’t work out very well as we wandered around the store, dripping wet still, trying to find our umbrellas. That along with accidently getting in a cash only line resulted in us missing our next bus (trainer fail #3). After feeling a little defeated we took our umbrellas to the bus stop where we waited and made new plans. The idea came to go out to an area that was a bit farther out to do some tracting. Considering the time we had left in our afternoon it really wasn’t practical at all, but it just felt like the right thing to do… and so grateful we did! After jumping off the bus we started to walk to our destination when we saw someone coming our way. Not going to lie, I wasn’t really in the mood to chat but we did anyway. That’s when we met her! She didn’t want to really talk because she was on her way to work (quite typical) but we gave her a card and said she’s always welcome at church. Then she surprisingly said that she is christian as well and would come. Surprised at the sincerity in her tone we asked if we could swap numbers and she agreed. Later that week we were in touch and she actually came to church afterwhich we talked, she said she had a lot of questions, and we set up an appointment for the next day! Which brings us back to today. I was thinking about our lesson with her and the events leading up to our meeting. I wondered how could something so great came out of so many mistakes, so many “trainer failures” ha. Why were we so blessed and put there right at the perfect time in which we could meet her? Looking back we didn’t deserve the blessing of meeting her, but Heavenly Father knew our hearts on that day, he knew that we were trying our best regardless of the situation, and he knew her heart and what she needs in her life as well. I am so grateful that we have a loving Heavenly Father who knows our hearts, who knows our thoughts and our intentions and with that in mind is willing to work with our weaknesses. What a blessing it is to know that as I do my best, He will take in the slack and put us on the path we need to be.

Result of the story, we’re lucky:) Lucky to have someone who loves us enough to look past our weaknesses and make them strong!

Ether 12:27 And if men come unto me I will show unto them their weakness. I give unto men weakness that they may be humble; and my grace is sufficient for all men that humble themselves before me; for if they humble themselves before me, and have faith in me, then will I make weak things become strong unto them.

I learn more and more every day just how true that scripture is!

No Niin (Alright)…. lemme wrap this week up…. Other things that happened. Well 1) I finally saw someone walking their cats (on leashes), that’s a thing here ha… not sure why:) 2) I gave a talk, and I think it was understandable… katsotaan! 3) My little trainee had her first encounters with Finns not wearing shirts/pants when they open the door, and she may have gotten accidently hugged by a drunk man (trainer fail #5, 6, and 7 haha). 4) I introduced her to A LOT of chocolate (trainer success #1… kinda;)

All in all, a pretty solid week. Life is good, Lappeenranta is gorgeous, the Church is true:)

Love you all and hope you have a wonderful week! And hopefully for all your sakes Hudson doesn’t learn how to turn the power sprayer off the mist setting;)


Sisar Carter


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