Week 54

Sweet Goodbyes:(
Sweet Reunions! (got to see her before she left back to Utah!)
Sweet Beginnings!
Her first door!!

Canadians and Baptisms… and a lot in-between!


Moika moi…

Well, President lied…. she’s not from America… she’s actually Canadian! But let me not get ahead of myself… This week has been a rollercoaster needless to say, last tuesday Sisar Clark and I traveled down to Helsinki where she then left to Tampere and I spent the night in my old apartment in Neitsytpolku with some of the other departing missionaries. It was fun because Sisar Kwok was in that group and it was like we were back home again together! The following Morning the sister training leaders picked me up and took me to the mission home where….. I got to see Sisar Lafferty! She also went home last week and I luckily got to see her before she left to go and join the other departing missionaries. It was definitely one of the best surprises I could have ever asked for! The rest of the day was filled with various meetings and of course the long anticipated finding out who your trainee is! He did it a little bit differently this time around where instead of announcing it one by one at lunch they had set out name cards and at the end of lunch he told all the trainers to raise their right hand, put their arm around the person to their right, and say hello to our new companion! It took everyone a little bit by surprise but it was a fun way to find out! She’s a doll. Canadian, and very proud of it! She comes from a family of 5 kids of which she’s in the very middle. She truly is all spunk and I like that about her! Oh, and her name is Sisar Willoughby! Guess that’s an important detail. It’s really funny to watch the Finns try to figure out how to say her name because if you try to pronounce it like a Finn it sounds a little like “Will-a-ooo-gah-beu”… ehhh maybe not exactly but you get the idea ha. It’s tough!

When we arrived back in Lappeenranta the poor thing was thrown right into the middle of craziness! Even I was like, how are we going to manage to get through the next few days. But she’s a trooper and with her help, many many manyyyyy prayers of “please help me!” and our awesome members here we were able to get our investigators baptism all organized and it turned out to be a really lovely weekend! It was cute to watch him throughout the whole process and see just how content and peaceful he was about the whole process. I can’t wait till I can tell you more about him! Let’s just say that he has come a long way since we first met him and he did all the work. It’s true, people really are prepared. It was all him! I just got to be the lucky one and watch it all happen!

Well, it’s about that time again. I have to jet. I love you all and thanks for all the sweet emails. They make my week every week! Pray for my poor companion haha I’m more than underqualified for this but Heavenly Father is surely helping me see that he has my back in any situation:) Grateful for this opportunity (even if it does mean I’m already getting wrinkles;) jk jk mom, I’m not that stressed don’t worry!).

Love you all!


Sisar Carter


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