Week 53

Biking has it’s perks… gets you to new beautiful places you wouldn’t see otherwise:)




“We’re in biiiig trouble. mhmm.”



Soooo… this week… this week brought a fun surprise… the kind of surprise that well, you know that part in the movie The Santa Claus where Tim Allen says, “we’re in biiiig trouble. mhmm.” well that’s the immediate thought that came to mind as President Watson said, “Sister Carter you’ll be staying in Lappeenranta” (ok I guessed that) “and… you’ll be training a new sister from America”. Haha I think that both President and God have a pretty funny sense of humor;) I’m no where near qualified to train a new sister! But God works in mysterious ways right…? ha. But really I’m pretty excited. It will be fun and although I’m scared to death because I still can hardly speak the language I feel pretty peaceful about the whole thing too… which is probably a good sign that it’s meant to be. So needless to say, prayers would be appreciated! Sister Clark also got some really exciting news! Sadly she will be leaving, but she is going to go and be a Sister Training Leader in Tampere. Which is fun because she’ll get to travel to Turku! Which is one of my absolute favorite places ever! Going to miss her but without doubt she’ll do wonderful things!

This coming week is going to be crazy, especially since there quite possibly may be a baptism to plan for… still working on that though, but if it all works out it will be a real miracle! I’ll hopefully be able to share all that with you next week (well share as much as I can of his story).

Yesterday we were able to travel to Helsinki for stake conference. It was a fun reunion because I not only got to see missionary friends but also see people from the ward I served in, in Neitsytpolku. I was especially excited to catch up with a girl who’s here studying from Sweden. It was probably one of the best surprises I could have asked for!

Ummm… This week while tracting there’s a really good chance that we either got blessed or baptized. We’re not quite sure haha. He was this really kind man, but he definitely took us by surprise when he put his hands on our shoulders and started saying some sort of prayer or… well I’m not sure exactly. It’s moments like this that I just truly love. Sometimes they’re funny/odd but then I think about what I’m doing… and the funny looking skirts that I wear everyday… and I just think about how cool these people are that they have such great faith in something and how lucky I am that they want to share what they can with me. Being a missionary has definitely put me in a position to meet and talk with people in a manner I would never have otherwise, and I feel pretty grateful for that!

Well, now I’m just rambling… I’ll let you all go! Love you and hope ya’lls week is lovely!


Sisar Carter


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