Week 52

Down by the Satama (Harbor)


1 Year…. Check.




I don’t know how I’m going to survive when I’m no longer living right on the water! Love it here!




Trees really do grow like weeds here! Exhibit A…. tree growing out of the wall! ha




Bikes and Curry… doesn’t get better!


First off it was so great to talk with all of you! Seems a little odd that it’s already come and gone and that the next time we talk it will be in person! I’m still just in shock that Hudson talks now! He’s got the cutest little voice! And I’m glad to see he still has you all wrapped around his little finger;) Such a charmer! And Addison!! Ah she is gorgeous! Such a happy baby! I’m a lucky aunt:)

This week Sisar Clark and I celebrated our 1 year mark together!! It’s really odd to think about how much has happened and yet how much is still the same. On our 1 year day we spent the morning eating pulla and studying… like normal ha. Then we went and taught a lesson, after which we went to our favorite restaurant (ok it’s the only one I’ve eaten at in Lappeenranta), but it truly is the best. It’s this little Indian Curry Place. A member in our ward introduced us to it because she’s neighbors with the owner. He’s a really great guy and even gave us a discount when we went to pay (you could say we’ve got the hook-ups;). Then….. we did… weekly planning! Pretty crazy celebration if you ask me!! And then it gets even better! We had another lesson where we taught the Law of Chastity… if that doesn’t sound like a party then I don’t know what is;) But really it was a fun day! After our final lesson was cancelled our member surprised us with ice cream cones and then we went and finished the night down at the satama (harbor) talking with people and making phone calls. It was a gorgeous night and wonderful way to end the day!

We were also surprised on Friday when we received a phone call from one of the members saying that there was a bike at the local bike shop waiting for us to be picked up and that we needed to take in the other bike to get whatever repairs it needed. For a while we just sat there dumbfounded thinking, surely we aren’t understanding correctly! There must be some sort of translation problem! But no, we just have really awesome and generous members/investigators! We don’t “technically” know who bought it, but we’re pretty sure it was the combined efforts of an investigator (who’s practically a member) and member. It was pretty amazing and such a blessing! Needless to say we’ve been cruising around town the past few days and it has been pure bliss! Perfect way to see Finland in the Spring-time is hands down by bike!

Well I’ve got to jet! Everything here is going well! Pray that Sisar Clark and I get to stay together, most likely she’ll be leaving because she’s been here 6 months but hey miracles happen! Love you all and hope you have a great week!


Sisar Carter


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