Week 51

Made this for Vappu (traditional Vappu treats are Sima and Mukkit (doughnuts) but no complaints with eating this instead!)


Morning runs along the water…. ok:)


Just getting rid of some of the “weeds”…. but really trees are the weeds here haha. There’s a lot of clearing out going on right now!


Huhtikuun sadekuurot tuovat Toukokuun kukkia



Wow this week went fast! I can hardly believe that at the end of this week it will be the mark of a year and then on Sunday I’ll be chatting with you all! Where did the time go?! Kinda funny how time works. In perspective it goes so quickly while in the moment it can feel like an eternity. I’m not even sure if time has true meaning to me anymore ha. Missionary scheduling along with the sun being out so long has totally thrown off my perception of time!

Some quick fun things from the week…

It was Vappu! A holiday where they celebrate the end of school/graduation. It’s cute cause everyone wears their party pants, or their cute little white sailor looking hats. There’s also quite a bit of drinking involved which means that in the world of missionaries it’s a red day (a.k.a. unless we have an appointment we stay inside). It seemed relatively calm as we went to and from church, our lesson, and to visit our friend who’s in the hospital. The craziest thing that seemed to be happening in the city center was people eating ice-cream ha. Oh and I guess at one point we did hear people singing “Be Still My Soul”… which totally threw me off at first because in my mind its a hymn, but here it’s one of Finland’s patriotic songs.

We ate a lot of fish… So I was beginning to think I’d go my whole mission with only having eaten salmon… that got proven wrong this week. We had three separate people serve us kala (fish) this week. Can’t say it’s my favorite… and no matter how hard you try you still end up eating a few bones, but it’s not too bad. I guess it’s only bad when the little old lady says “lisää?? lisää??” (more) haha.

It’s officially spring!! Today we even went without any jacket and only our short boots! (tights are still a requirement though… cause lets get real when it’s cold out and your always wearing tights shaving your legs is just not worth it!… not sure why I’m sharing this haha, it’s a good thing you all are my family and love me!;) But for real, it’s so nice here! Trees are finally all blooming and all the restaurants have set out their patio seating!

Well… I have to go, plus everything worth writing about I can just tell you about in a few days! Love you all! Can’t wait to talk with you:)


Sisar Carter

P.S. Translation for “Huhtikuun sadekuurot tuovat Toukokuun kukkia” – April showers bring May flowers. Explains this week perfectly! It was all gray and rainy until the first day of May and now it’s gorgeous:)


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