Week 50



Found out today why our vaccuum has issues… there was a small animal living inside! 😉


Lots of Member Lovin’


Moika Moi…

Another week… it’s truly hard to distinguish weeks now, they just all seem to come and go so quickly! It was definitely a really funny week where pretty much all of our plans seemed to go right out the window! Things were falling through, lessons were cancelled, people’s schedules were changed… and yet we had some really awesome miracles! I’m so motivated by the sweet spirits of those I ”get” to teach…. a.k.a. Those who are in all reality teaching me. It’s truly through them that I find my rejuvination for the work, I mean how could it not! It’s as if I get to re-discover the beauty of the gospel everytime I go into a lesson and hear their humble testimony, or their countanance as the Spirit testifies to their hearts that their Heavenly Father and Savior love them. They are my blessing in this work. On the days of discouragement and frustration it’s truly them that help me.

This week was full of member visits which was kind of fun. I love being in a small branch where I can actually say that I know everyone! We spent time at an older couples home where we chatted, ate pulla, and drank juice. Then spent time with a family who joined the church just under a year ago. Being in their home and spending more time with them gave me so much more of an appreciation for the sacrifices they must have made when choosing to join the church. They truly changed their lives for the better and therefore have forever changed their children’s lives as well. Probably my favorite member moment of the week was when we went to go visit one of the mummos in the ward. She is a funny little thing that loves to talk and lets us practice giving lessons to her. This week when we arrived we could immediately tell that she was not feeling well so instead of ”teaching” her Sisar Clark masaged her shoulders and I sat on the ground and masaged her feet. That short hour that we spent with her talking and just being in her presence was truly one of my favorite moments of my mission so far. There was something just so loving and comforting about that moment.

I have to jet real quick! Love you all and sorry if I wasn’t able to respond to your messages! So excited to read them! Have a wonderful week!


Sisar Carter


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