Week 49

Riisipiirakka! They say that the first riisipiirakka that a girl makes resembles what you’re husband is going to look like… aka hot or not haha. Mine and Sisar Clark’s husbands are going to look pretty fine;) jokes jokes. (Wish they would have told us about that before we made them, maybe I would have tried a bit harder ha)


A girl in the ward made this darling heart shaped one! (With egg butter on top). I tried making one after seeing hers… lets just say there’s a reason why her’s is the one pictured ha.



Oletteko ketchup Americassa?? (Do you have ketchup in america??)



Well this week is going to be quick unfortunately… or maybe fortunately. I know my letters aren’t all that exciting so a short one will probably be a breath of fresh air ha. This week had some really big highlights. First we put together a Perhe Ilta (Family Night) with the ward. Piispa (the bishop) gave a wonderful spiritual thought that I didn’t fully understand, but at the end he showed this music video that I highly recommend watching! It’s a rendition of the primary song, “I’m trying to be like Jesus” and it’s set in a cafe. Maybe it’s more sentimental to me than it will be to you because the video and song itself just reminded me a lot of home, but regardless its worth the watch/listen! After that we learned how to make riisipirakka! Which is something I really hoped I’d get to do on my mission! Then Sisar Clark and I were in charge of the games and we played a missionary relay game as well as a few others. Needless to say it was a fun night!

We also had the sister training leaders over this week which is always a good time! Gives you a chance to push yourself a little bit in different ways and it really helped me see more of what I’m capable of and how I can strengthen myself. Plus they’re just funny, so that’s cool.

Last Saturday we found a new investigator as well! He’s a very sweet and soft spoken, but very sincere middle-aged man. We’ve had one lesson so far so we’ll see what happens! We have a few people right now who are working through some challenges (opposition is real folks!), so prayers for them would be lovely:) I also got some of the best news I think I’ll ever receive this week. An old investigator from Turku emailed me and said that she’s chosen to get baptized! Which is such a blessing knowing all that she’s gone through and how hard she’s worked to truly gain a testimony of her own. It’s people like her that truly amaze me, and strengthen my own personal testimony in the love our Savior has for us. So many blessin’s this week!

Besides all that it was a pretty normal week. Finland is getting greener every day (ok it’s still pretty dead looking, but it’s getting better! And the sky’s make up for the dead trees that have yet to fully bloom). Love you all and hope your week is phenomenal!


Sisar Carter

PS… oh and yeah one of the members came up to me after our roukailuu (“linger longer”) at church, but a bottle of Heinz Ketchup in my face and said with wide eyes,”Oletteko ketchup Americassa??” (“Do you have ketchup in America??”) haha, and then she gave it to us. It was pretty funny… ehhhh yeah, I’m pretty sure Heinz is super American ha.


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