Week 48



That little guy is Muiku…. mmmm:)




Quick walk in the woods:) We have awesome members here and on the way to sunday dinner at their house we took a little detour/hike through the woods! Sooo pretty!




The making of siskonmakkara keitto!


11 months baby!


Makkara, Muiku, and Mummos

Moika Perhe….

This week was pretty lovely… nothing too crazy or extrordinary to share but it was a nice week nonetheless. Sisar Clark and I started out the week with making siskonmakkara keitto (a.k.a. Nasty gloopy meat stuff that you have to squeeze out of a tube and then plop into soup where it cooks). It was super gross but after it was all said and done it was really delicious! Oh, there was also a market that came to town this past week so we went and ate lunch there one of the days. As we passed by one of the stands a lady offered us muiku (which as these little fishes about the size of your finger). They’re a big thing here and everyone eats them… and you eat the whole thing… like as in everything! Haha, oh the things I never thought I’d eat a year ago when I was still vegetarian! Eyes, scales, bones…. yeah didn’t think that would happen. But it really wasn’t bad. You couldn’t really notice the bones or anything.

Sisar Clark and I also hit our 11 months this past week! Really threw things into perspective, hard to believe it’s already almost been a year! We were really busy that day but managed to remember later that night that it was a special day and snagged a picture!

Our investigators are doing well and taking big steps to try and change their lives for the better… which I think is probably the best part of being a missionary. We also had a few pretty cool bus contacts this past week where the people that we approached totally looked like someone who was just going to brush us off… but then they are the ones that are really interested. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I love it when I get proven wrong and people surprise me! We had 3 people this week who after giving them a copy of the Book of Mormon began reading it, and read it for the entire bus ride back to town… that kind of thing just doesn’t happen very often here so it was pretty cool.

Probably one of my favorite things are all the little old mummos (grandmas) and ukkis (grandpas). They all like to walk around town using their Nordic walking sticks. A lot will have walkers complete with baskets for all their shopping needs… and the really legit mummos have scooter-walkers! Which basically means that their walker has places to put their feet so they can ride their walkers down hills and stuff. We watched this one mummo the other day ride hers down an ”almost-hill” haha, it was pretttty exciting stuff! We sat there and watched her for probably 3-4 minutes as she prepped herself and then rode ever so slowly down a gradual slope in the sidewalk (the excitement of a mission… watching old people get places;) haha).But the best part is getting to talk with them. It dawned on me the other day as we were standing on a street corner talking to this little mummo with sun spots and a few stray white whiskers on her chin that I am never going to have the opportunity again to just talk to people in this way again… and how very grateful that I get the chance to do this!

Well I probably aught to sign off! I love you all and hope your week is especially lovely!



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