Week 47

Good Morning Lappeenranta!




This morning was especially gorgeous! The sun was on fire! Bright orange and beautiful!


My camera died but this was probably the prettiest sunsets of my life. Photo courtesy of Sisar Clark!


This lovely lady turned 20!!


Muddy boots, tulips, and finding bugs on my skirt… I think spring is here


Moika Moi!

What a wonderful and really fast week! It was so fun to see all your pictures from this past weekend! I truly have the cutest family ever! Ya’ll are dolls! Spring has officially decided to come and I’m loving the long nights and brighter and brighter mornings. The birds are singing more, the walkways lose more and more snow each day, their beginning to sweep up all the leftover gravel that was used to help with the ice during the winter, wild tulips are popping up, my boots are muddy from the melting snow and rain, it’s gotten far too warm to wear my winter coat and I’ve had to go down to my light jacket, annnnddd I found a bug on my skirt this morning ha. If it’s warm enough for bugs I think it means that Spring has officially decided to come! It’s fun getting to watch this winter wonderland melt and I’m pretty sure that it won’t be long before the icey lakes begin to crack as well!

This week has been really fun. We found a new investigator through a random man on the street who as he was walking away told us to try some random man’s door in the building behind us. The first time we went, just before making our initial knock we heard a booming voice from the other side. Surprised we lowered our hands and backed away from the door somewhat nervous as to who may be on the other side haha. We left and decided that we’d try tomorrow when whoever was there was a bit happier. Well the next day we met him and our nerves melted away as we realized that he was a tough looking man, with a loud voice, but such a teddy bear! It will be fun to see all that unfolds with him. (haha sorry for the cliffhanger… privacy laws;)

It’s been such a change serving here in Lappeenranta. We’re so much busier than I ever have been on my mission! It’s rare for us to not have a teaching appointment every day, if not two or three at times. I was thrilled with the two or three a week in my other areas ha. This place is special that’s for sure!

Conference was really great! We had an investigator show up for the Sunday Morning Session (which was at night here) so we ended up watching it in Finnish… let’s just say my mind was fried and at one point I started to doze off and almost tipped into our investigator haha. Thanks Dad for cursing me with falling asleep so easily ha;) I still have yet to see the Sunday Morning (in English) and Sunday Afternoon sessions so if anything really exciting or great happened in those fill me in next week!

Oh! It was also Sisar Clark’s birthday this week! We celebrated with a root-beer cookie cake tower looking thing (it was kind of a sad attempt but it tasted great!) lots of chocolate, Finnish breakfast for dinner and a beautiful scenic ride bus ride to and from district meeting. It was a pretty fun day! We found out that Sisar Clark and the Posti lady that always helps us has the same birthday as her so the following day we took her some root-beer cookies too. It was pretty cute, she was so excited that we remembered haha.

I’ve been trying to read more from the New Testament lately coupled with reading out of Jesus the Christ. This week I was reading in Matthew 16 and I was really impressed by Christ’s questions to the apostles asking ”Whom do you say that I am”. We read Peter’s reply when he says without hesitation that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of the Living God. I find it beautiful what Christ says next, ”Blessed art thou, Simon Bar-jona: for flesh and blood hath not revealedit unto thee, but my Father which is in heaven. ” That is the kind of faith that I hope to develop. The kind of faith that can no longer be called faith because it is pure knowledge! Knowledge that needs no further evidence because it is sent through a divine messenger to our hearts from our Father in Heaven. Then when the time comes for us to answer ”Whom do you say that I am”, we can also, without hesitation reply the we know Jesus is the Christ.

Well I’m out… Love you all and loved hearing from all of you! Miss you and so grateful for the love I always feel coming my way from across the seas! Loves!


Sisar Carter



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