Week 46

Love getting to travel to Mikkeli every week! One of the many lovely churches here!
Morning runs are becoming a favorite of mine! So pretty!!
I love being back in the countryside!!
Happy Easter!
Spoiled so much this week! Thanks for the Easter Surprise! Love you all!

Can I get an Amen?

Moika Perhe!!

The computer that I’m working on today is painfully slow, so sorry if I don’t get much sent out this week! This week was really wonderful though, had it’s ups and downs as usual but overall saw many tender mercies and the fact that I got to spend Easter here sharing the true message of the season! Since I’m short on time I’ll just hit some of my favorite moments really quick!

We had one lesson this week with a man we met on the street. He was a little ecentric when we met him but overall seemed pretty normal. As our lesson proceeded it got well…. less and less normal. He ”healed” us by taking our hands in his and tracing with his finger squiggles on the backside of our hands, got up every once and a while and waved his arms around, moved a chair with his mind…. ha oh my there were times when we almost lost it. But we stayed composed and overall he was a really good guy.

My talk went well… I think ha. It was all kind of a blur to be honest. Mix of nerves and well the fact that it was in Finnish. All I really remember was at one point hearing an ”Amen” from the congregation haha! I just about died, it was so funny! Not sure who said it but it made my day and made me feel good because there must of been at least one thing in my talk that made sense! Overall it was a real blessing just to have the time to ponder and study for my talk if nothing else. It gave me some valuable time to think about my Savior and all that he has done for me. I feel really grateful to know him and to know that he knows me personally. He truly does live!

After church we went to a member’s home for Easter dinner! It was a lot of fun being with all their kids and seeing them get excited over the chocolate bunnies and massive Kinder eggs. Sisar Clark also tried Mammi for the first time (a Finnish Easter dessert that is really quite awful!). Poor thing took a big globful of it thinking that she would like it… let’s just say she was a champ and finished it with a smile on her face. I already knew that it was awful but decided to try it again for culture’s sake, I mean you have to have some Mammi on Easter if you’re in Finland…. but I immediately regreted that decission ha. So, I as well quickly ate it and then joined the rest of the family in eating ice cream and chocolate.

Oh boy it’s already time to end! Before I go I just want to say thanks so much for all the love this past week. I was so spoiled with Easter surprises and I feel really thankful for such a thoughtful family! So happy that you all had a great Easter!

Love you all! Have a great Conference Weekend!!


Sisar Carter


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