Week 45

Saying goodbye to Helsinki! On the tram to the train station… That tram stop on the left I used almost every day!


I got her to actually take a funny face photo with me before I left! (This is a big success haha she doesn’t love doing that!


Goodbyes at the train station!


On our way to district meeting in Mikkelli!


Uhhh… can you say beautiful??!!


On our run this morning… well she ran I kinda ran haha;)


One of the sticks from Virpoa! (read my email to understand haha)


We tried making a Virpoa stick of our own haha… not quite as cute;) But my new companion is a doll! Love her and so excited to be able to serve with her!


Easter meets witches in the land of Lappeenranta!


Moika from the land of Lappeenranta!

Well it sounds like you all know more about Lappeenranta than I do haha. Glad to hear you’ve all done your research and Google Earth stalking;) But really, this place is so charming! I love it! It feels really nice to be in a place where people take life a little slower. I love the big cities but being here feels like a breath of fresh air (literally haha).

Transfer day was pretty crazy as we ran here and there trying to get things done and then picked up and dropped off people to catch their trains, but it was really fun! Then before I knew it I said my goodbyes and jumped on my own train and took the 2 hour trip to the “little” city by the lake. Ok, so maybe it’s not that small (has more stoplights than Nephi), but in comparison to where I’ve been the last 8 months or so it is quite tiny! This place has a special spirit about it. I’ve been amazed at how kind the people are here, definitely more willing to take the time to talk with us. Plus we’re teaching a lot of people right now! Which surprised me because it’s such a tiny town but the work is going strong here. My first two days we had 3 lessons each day… maybe that doesn’t sound like a ton but it is!! In Helsinki we were maybe having 2 a week. I was blown away. Oh and Finnish… well Sisar Clark is a boss at Finnish and she and her last companion SYLed (Speak Your Language) anytime they were outside and now, so am I. It’s intense and I still sound like a 3 year old when I speak but I’ve been amazed with how much more I’m already to say and understand. There’s something really powerful about just keeping the language constantly on your lips. I wish I could tell more about the people we’re working with but that will be saved for another day! Let’s just say it’s an exciting and blessed time to be serving here! Oh and the members!! Oh my they are sooooo sweet and made me feel so unbelievably loved…. well until they asked me to give a talk next week in sacrament… haha we’ll see how that goes:/

Some cool things about the area though… Of course, the lake! And oh my all the trees!! Feels so good to be surrounded by nature again! Also there are a few cute little churches in town. A really cool Russian one (I’ll send a picture hopefully next week), and a big yellow one (I’ll try to send a pic of this too but there’s a lot of construction around so it’s kind of hard right now), and a few others.

Ok out of time, I love you all and hope you have an incredible Easter! But before I go, one funny thing about Finland…. the Sunday before Easter the kids decorate sticks and then go and do virpoa a.k.a. trick or treating wearing witch outfits haha. Not sure all the history behind it but it’s cute. The kids at church all brought their sticks yesterday and were given eggs and then we saw a few kids doing it when we were on our way to a member’s home yesterday.

Ok gotta go! Love you!

Sisar Carter



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