Week 44


The Kauppahalli! (really near our home)


he’s not crying I promise!! She’s hiding from the sun haha… and she just hates that I like taking pictures… Weekly Planning at it’s finest!


My cute little district:).


Going to miss this street! I’ve walked it SO many times to and from the church:)


Going to miss this lovely lady!!

I’m off to….

Moika Moi!

Ok, first order of business….. I’m being transferred! I really didn’t think it would happen since Sisar Bruce is leaving but I’ve been transferred to Lappenranta! It’s a cute little summer town built around a lake. I’ve been so lucky to have the water so close to me in every city I’ve served! It’s definitely one of my favorite things! I’m really excited to get back out to the countryside and I’ll probably be biking which will be a lot of fun! Oh and my new companion will be Sisar Clark!! She’s one of the girls from my MTC group and is a really awesome missionary so it will be all around a good experience I think.

With that being said it’s been a crazy few days. Trying to get everything ready for the new sisters to come and take our places here in Helsinki (writing out where trams go, how to get places, where is best to tract, about the people we’re working with…. etc etc). Doesn’t seem like much work until you start and realize just how much information you’ve actually taken in from just living and walking up and down the streets of a place, and how much there is to know. On top of that both Sisar Bruce and I have had to pack, clean, as well as get out and still go do normal missionary work.

Yesterday was sad having to say goodbye to some people that we’ve grown to love here in Helsinki. Walking home from church and walking about the city has really made me realize just how much I’m going to miss it here…

But what else this week…. We had our last district meeting which included our Ward Mission Leader throwing a piece of cake on one of the elders ha, it was for a spiritual thought… remind me to tell you about that later. A little bulldog tried to eat us, it was funny because his owner was trying to stop him and was saying, “stop it, they have a bible!” (seeing that we were carrying the Book of Mormon) ha. We were able to go on a little adventure out to Espoo for Sisar Bruce’s exit interview at the mission home. It was fun, she had her interview and I helped Sisar Watson make salsa. I loved it! Ahhh…. out of time! Love you all! Miss you all! Glad to see you had such a fun week and I’ll talk to you soon from Lappenranta!!!!


Sisar Carter


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