Week 42

We tried to go get dessert at this cute little cafe on a lake BUT we walked in got in line/ got trays… and then awkwardly had to get out of the moving line when we saw the prices. Super high and they didn’t even look good. Fail;)


Summer is coming!! Bu-bye ice!


We made cupcakes for our ward mission leader who got married yesterday. All the other missionaries got shark sprinkles but he got a shark/heart sprinkled cupcake… cause that just makes sense right? ha… Sisar Bruce didn’t want to be pictured ha so she’s hiding behind the cupcake.


Cholo’s!! So good! Felt like we were in California… or at least somewhere very far away from Finland ha


Will I have to have a curfew…?


Well I’m officially allowed to say it! Major Congratulations to Amber and Chris! The two have them have decided to seal the deal and get married! Although I’m really sad that I won’t be able to be there for their big day I’m really grateful that I was able meet and become good friends with the man who stole my best friend’s heart:) So excited for you two!!

This week has been really nice with warm weather and a lot more sun than normal! Every day the sun rises a few minutes earlier and now when we’re doing our personal study at 8:00 am the sun is out! Ah I love it! Makes getting up at 6:30 a bit better that’s for sure (you’d think I would have adjusted to that by now but it’s still a struggle haha). Oh and don’t even get me started on the sunsets… I sent you a picture of one last week and everyday since there has been an equally beautiful sunset! We had zone conference which is always nice. Got to see and catch up with old friends and hear stories about how people I taught in Turku are doing! We also said our official goodbye’s to the Brasher’s (the senior couple that was serving here). It was quite sad, they’ve become a big part of my time here in Helsinki and did a lot for us as missionaries and the ward. We celebrated Sisar Bruce’s 18th month mark on Saturday with lots of pictures and lunch at this little mexican place called Cholo’s haha. It was heaven! Hmmmm what else…. we’ve also spent quite a bit of time with Sisar Airto throughout the week. I just adore her! She tells us funny stories and we make her sandwiches and pulla with nutella on it… not a bad trade. We taught the English Sunday School class. Oh and we finally got a working scale this week… haha… yeah, that wasn’t so fun;) I’ll be cutting back on the chocolate and pulla just a bit (maybe).

We’ve been doing a lot of tracting/contacting this week. One of my favorite quotes comes from this girl we contacted into the other day… this is how our conversation went. Us: Hey we’re from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints…. Her:Oh sorry I’m quite busy ehhhhh I’m on my way… to the doctor. Us (in our heads): ok?? but you look fine…. and it’s a Sunday… and it’s 8:00 at night haha. Good excuse homegirl;) ha. Oh and that reminds me of another man we met a few weeks ago. He was actually a pretty solid potential but he went on a trip so we haven’t been able to meet with him yet. But anyway, we had gotten his number and were trying to set something up before he left. He suggested meeting at this little cafe around 8:30 one evening but since we have to be home at 9:00 we couldn’t make it work. We ended just explaining to him that we had a “curfew”… which was probably a bad way to explain it because his next text said, “Oh ok… if I become Mormon do I have to have a curfew too?” haha. Oops!

Mmmk… well I’ve got to go! I love you all! Have an amazing weekend and give Addison lots of kisses for me this week at her blessing! I feel so lucky to have such a beautiful family that loves each other! (fun fact… in Finland no one knows the baby’s name until the day of the blessing, not sure why, that’s just how it’s done over here:) One day I asked what someone what their nephew’s name was and they just looked at me like, ehhhh duh, we don’t know yet!)

Love ya!!


Sisar Carter


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