Week 41

Definitely my favorite part about the Helsinki Temple is how it perfectly reflects its surroundings! Ah gorgeous!!


Helsinki Temple Grounds!


I’ve been trying to get a picture of this my whole time in Helsinki cause I think it’s just so funny, but when I finally got a chance my camera died… but it captured this blurry photo right before ha. Dog Parking outside the market haha. My favorite!


A girl’s apartment in all it’s hairy glory! Cute right?!


The sunset the other night!


For the International Food Party we made Pumpkin and Root-Beer Cookies (that was a fun one trying to explain to our investigator that Root Beer isn’t alcoholic after we had been talking to him about how we don’t drink beer haha). Also please notice that our shirts make the American Flag! Representin’ Merica!


A little taste of heaven! haha. We were given a box of mac and cheese… let’s just say it made my day!


Culture night and lots of yummy food!


The time always seems to run out too fast so this will probably be a quick letter so I can actually have time to send pictures! Like I mentioned last P-day we were able to go to the temple. Which is always such a joy! The sun decided to shine that day which made it a really nice day to travel there and back! As much as I love the vibe of downtown Helsinki I get especially excited at the chances to get out to somewhat of the countryside. Espoo (where the temple is located), is still a pretty big city, but with a lot more fields in-between everything…. so not exactly country, but close enough:)

Our week has been pretty good. We had some really good lessons, gained an investigator and lost the one I told you about last week… well I should clarify that, we only lost him because he’s not in our area and we gave him over to another set of missionaries and he’s still doing awesome! They’ve met with him once since our meeting with him and he’s really excited about learning more! We also had a party on Friday night where everyone brought foods from wherever they’re from. We had food from Korea, China, France, Russia, Bolivia, America, Finland, etc etc. It was actually a really good turn out and best of all we had a couple of people that we’re working with attend! It was a lot of fun to be able to celebrate everyone’s culture and just have fun! It was especially cool watching our investigators smile and have a good time as well…. probably the best part of the whole night actually!

Ah I have to go, BUT I heard that Dad gave a great talk this past Sunday and it seems as though I got the sneak peak of part of it last week in his email to me! He shared this story that he also shared in his talk which I’d like to share because I think it’s quite beautiful!

A wonderful seminary teacher named John Hill taught me a principle of self-worth in such a profound way that changed me forever.  I had just finished speaking to a group of mothers and daughters at the stake Young Women conference when Brother Hill, also the stake president, was asked to conclude the meeting.  He stood at the pulpit, adjusted his suit jacket, opened up his scriptures, and asked, “What is the worth of your soul?”  Then, in silence, he waited.

Immediately, I answered that question in my mind: The worth of a soul is great! Doctrine and Covenants 18:10.

After a long pause, Brother Hill leaned into the mic and asked the same question a second time.  He waited a few seconds and then read the verse I had thought of: “Remember, the worth of souls is great in the sight of God.”  He emphasized the word great.  And then he said loudly, “But… that is not the true worth of your soul.”

What?  I questioned.  The worth of a soul is great in the sight of God. That’s the scripture, so where is he going with this?  I wondered.

He continued.

“The true worth of your soul,” he explained, “is found in the verse that immediately follows verse 10.  It is there that we find the worth of a soul.  Read verse 11 with me. ‘For, behold, the Lord your Redeemer suffered death in the flesh; wherefore he suffered the pain of all men, that all men might repent and come unto him.’  In other words, your soul is worth… the life… of a God.  You are worth the life of God.  That is the true worth of your soul.”

Every day I learn a little more about just how precious Christ and His Atonement really is to me. We are truly precious to Him and our worth is beyond measure! I’m so grateful for the challenge Heavenly Father gave me of going on a mission. He’s is challenging me to become better in ways that I didn’t even know or realize I needed to grow in. He’s allowing me to access the Atonement in ways I wouldn’t have otherwise. I am so grateful for that! I love my mission, and every single up and down it brings!

Love you all!!! Miss you all!


Sisar Carter


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