Week 40

Downtown Helsinki


T-shirt/Star Art…? I don’t know ha but it was pretty cool nonetheless!


Laskiaispulla!! So good! Pulla with this yummy cream filling and strawberry jam.


My attempt at making a heart with my Valentine mittens! Thanks so much again for the Valentines package! It made my Ystäväpäivää extra special! (And yes you’re right mom valentine’s day here is more of a “friend’s day”. If you translate the world literally that’s what it says…. ystävä = friend, and päivä = day).




We got kinda lost on the way to the temple today… but we got to take train station pictures so that was cool ha:)

I’m getting real good at walking with my eyes closed.

Moika Moi!

Ok, ok… so you all are right. I hadn’t officially hit my 1/2 way mark last week…. just my 9 months ha! But now I’ve hit both and I’m on the downward slope, which is really hard to believe! So many fun memories already, and 9 more months of them to come!

Remember how I mentioned that a lot of our appointments had fallen through already… well let’s just say the trend continued haha! We had I think 10 appointments in all for last week, which we were major stoked for because that never happens… and every single one fell through haha, it’s moments like that where you just have to laugh. Even the people who are regulars and rarely cancel, cancelled. BUT… it got better Sunday when we were able to meet one of our referrals! We met him at the train station early Sunday morning and took the tram with him and some other friends from the ward to church. He’s way rad and eager to learn more which is fun! Then yesterday we had a lesson with an investigator who, at the end, gave one of the sweetest prayers I’ve ever heard. It was short but as he spoke he picked his words so intentionally. I think the beauty of a mission is just seeing people’s hearts change and come closer in their own way to knowing that they have a Father in Heaven who knows them and loves them. Another miracle that happened yesterday was we got a new investigator! A member in the ward contacted us and asked if we would be free to do a lesson that night so we shuffled a few things around made it happen. He as well is really eager to learn more and since he’s friends with a member he already knows a lot, we’re just going to simply be filling in the gaps I think. We walked away from the lesson just being like, “what just happened?!”, which is always a fun/good feeling…. so we went and bought ice cream on the way home.

Hmmmm…. what else happened…. we had two dinner appointments which was fun because that doesn’t happen very often. One was last tuesday where we ate a delicious quiche type thing and had laskiaispulla in honor of laskianen (picture above). We also had dinner at the Brasher’s (the senior couple here) and some other members. We were treated to our own personal bassoon concert by one of the people at the dinner (forgive me I don’t remember his name, he’s a member from up north). I’ll be honest I didn’t really know what the bassoon was at first, but it was gorgeous!! He’s really talented and plays in the Finnish symphony as well as for other symphonies around Europe. We also taught Nainen Naiset (a.k.a. young womens). There are only 2 young women in the ward so it was a pretty chill lesson where we just talked about missionary work and they asked us questions about missions etc.

Thanks so much for the Valentine package!! Ah everything was beyond perfect, and I’m so impressed with the packing skills. There was so much in that little box which made it fun because things just kept coming! Felt super spoiled for sure! I especially loved the pictures haha… the “kissy” pictures were especially on point! And the one of Hudson with his head stuck in the banister poles haha… my absolute favorite… how did the end of that story go by the way?

Well… I aught to go. Thanks so much for all your constant love and I’m happy to hear you all had such a good week/ Valentines Day! I love you all!!


Sisar Carter

Oh yeah…. The whole “I’m getting real good at walking with my eyes closed” comment… there were a couple of days last week where we were walking around and I nearly fell asleep as we were walking ha. My eyes would just close and then a few seconds later I’d be like wait.. what the, you’re walking you can’t sleep! haha it was kinda funny.


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