Week 39



Splits Day! (Sisar Herrmann)


Last night we finally had a tram all to ourselves and could take pictures without looking like crazy Americans!






When you don’t have time to eat you run to S-Market 5 minutes before needing to be home and just grab stuff haha…. our wanna be healthy (salads) but not at all healthy (everything else) meal!

Happy Valentines!

Ah what a crazy week this has been! We spent last P-day exploring some fun local shops hidden in downtown Helsinki. Then the next day we got a call from our good friend/office missionary/neighbor. She called telling us that she’d slipped that day on the ice and had broken her arm. She was so funny though as she explained what had happened. She’d slipped on the ice and when some people came to help her get up she couldn’t, so after about 20 minutes they brought her a blanket and she sat waiting for the ambulance to come get her. She’s doing a lot better but it’s been kinda fun because since we’re so close she will give us a call and we’ll run over to make her some sandwiches, open jars, do dishes, and just chat. I’ve also gotten to tell her all the embarrassing stories from when I broke my shoulder to try and help her not feel as bad when she calls asking for us to help her with simple tasks haha.

We also had splits this week. It was a really good day and we were able to set a bunch of appointments for this week… many of which have fallen through but there are a few that I’m really quite excited for! One’s a painter, another (who was actually a referral) who has recently moved here from Africa, and a family we tracted into a few weeks ago. So cross your fingers cause they all seem way rad ha! 

This week I had the chance to study about Charity and Love… which works out pretty well because it’s Valentines! As I studied I was struck with admiration for the selfless love Christ gave throughout his mortal ministry. Especially when it came to the Atonement. He was a fearless teacher because he taught with love. I hope to develop that kind of love… the kind where you can say and do the hard things. 

Some other random things from the week…. A man on the street tried to pay us for what we were doing ha, I hit my 9th month mark…. and I’m out of time! Have a lovely week! Happy Valentines! Love you all! 

Moi moi! 

Sisar Carter!  


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