Week 38

Try this mystery candy said Sisar Bruce… You’ll love it she said…


….Sisar Bruce is a liar! haha… this licorice/pepper filled candy was the worst explosion of flavor my mouth has ever tasted! haha (me spitting it out, I tried to run to the garbage but only made it this far ha)


And then I tried to get the taste out of my mouth by eating a chocolate (we went to a candy store and had gotten just a bunch of different things to try)… bit into this bad boy and immediately spit it out too cause it was liquor filled! haha, exactly what I wanted to get rid of the bad taste in my mouth with!


Gorgeous day in this winter wonderland!




Sometimes you knock doors for a couple hours only to have 5 people actually open the door haha! Yayyyyy…. 🙂


Nothing much to report this week:) but life is lovely!

This week has been pretty slow. A lot of cancelled appointments (with not many to begin with in the first place ha) and a lot of tracting/contacting. But it has also been such a wonderful week as well. Sometimes the slow weeks are nice because they give me a chance to look around and really notice the beauty all around me. It gives me time to reflect on what I’m doing, what I truly desire in life, and why walking up and down the same streets in Helsinki are worth it to me. Those moments of realization are precious to me… something I know I will always look back on fondly.

This week I studied a little bit about hope and what I can do in order to develop this attribute. I think I’ve talked a little about hope before so sorry if I repeat, but as I studied more the word confidence kept coming to mind. Confidence is directly related to hope because without confidence in Heavenly Father’s plan for us and those we come in contact with there would be no action. We would sit in idleness just hoping that something good would happen. It’s not good enough to make a goal at night in nightly planning and then sit in your apartment the next day hoping that the phone will ring… we must confidently go out of our doors, into the streets of Finland and find those individuals that Heavenly Father is preparing. We may only be part of that individuals preparation to someday learn more, but perhaps we will be part of that individuals journey in learning more. We will never know until we act in faith, with a pure and sincere confidence that it’s possible. Now I know that this is example is directly related to me and missionary work. But the thought is the same regardless of what scenario you apply it to.

I am so thankful for the emails you all send me regarding your missionary/life experiences. It’s comforting to hear words from those that I love about how you all have experienced similar things. In a world where every night I have to add up numbers of lessons taught and people talked to it can get… well discouraging haha. But I find confidence in this work as I read what you all write. So thank you all so very much:)

I am trying so hard to think of something funny to write… or any cool experiences from the week…. but I’m blanking ha. Because of the warmer days we’ve gotten a lot of ice this past week and I can proudly say I haven’t eaten it… yet. I’ve had a quite a few close calls (thankfully I have a companion with better grips on her shoes than I do and I can grab onto her), but I haven’t fallen yet!

Things are kind of all the same, weather has been warm, dogs still wear coats, the city is still gorgeous, the sun peaks through the clouds every once and a while, people are still super posh and wear a lot of black (my kind of people haha;) I’m known as the sister missionary who only wears neutrals, no color), the birds are starting to chirp, lots of people still say no, some say yes, we still get weird looks on the trams, people still answer their doors nearly naked, I still eat way too much ice cream and pastries (we may have scrounged for enough coins this week to go buy more ice cream, we ran out only a couple days after p-day ha), the gospel is true… life’s good:) haha. Nothing much more to report ha.

Love you all and hope you have a wonderful week! Also…. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TAMI! Hope you get spoiled rotten! Love you so much:)


Sisar Carter


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