Week 37

Here comes the snow!! (This doesn’t even do it justice… literally everything was shutting down this morning because of the snow. We ended up walking to the city center because the trams just couldn’t make it through the snow!)
Vesa Sataa “Water Rain”


Happy rainy Tuesday! It’s been a lot warmer the past few days and now today we’re officially at +1 Celsius which turned our snow into rain and  the snow on the ground to slush. It’s funny because in Finnish “rain” refers to both snow and water (or rain as we call it in English ha), so it’s funny when you hear people say it’s “water raining” cause naturally I want to be like, duh… what other kind of rain is there?!

It’s been kind of a slow week again, which has meant a lot of tracting. Which is nice, I actually really enjoy it, and it’s been fun to explore a new area more as well. The awkward thing is trying to master the “peephole smile”. Because we’re tracting apartment buildings the people have the chance to check us out through their handy peephole before deciding to answer or not. Smile to much, you look like a creep or like that “weird religious person”… smile to little and you may look mean… it’s a balance I’m trying to work on again ha. The other struggle is that you can hear them perfectly and can tell when they’re looking at you, which makes it hard to know where to look. Do I look directly at peephole, or at the ceiling. Haha it’s a rough life;) I think my ultimate favorite is when you hear people come to the door, look through the peephole, and then try to sneak away quietly haha.

This week we also had zone conference and a world-wide mission broadcast. It was pretty cool to be a part of that, thinking that right now all the missionaries across the world are doing the exact same thing. Syd, my friend Arielle and I are all so far away, but at that moment doing the same thing. We learned about repentance and how that leads to a change of heart which I really enjoyed. Actually, the translation for repentance in Finnish means something more along the lines of improvement, or bettering oneself. I really like to think of repentance in this way, that it’s a way to grow and become better.

Thanks for all your scriptures you sent! I can’t wait to look them up. I have to run but I love you all!

ALSO!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Momma-Bear! You all had better shower this lady with lots of lovin tomorrow cause she’s an incredible woman! So grateful for all the support and love she gives me and everyone around her!


Sisar Carter


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