Week 36

“Lightly” frosted…


Sister Bruce in the midst of all the snow!


Kind of slow week haha but things are going well!

This week has been pretty quite. So I figured I’d tell you a little bit more about my new companion! She’s from Arkansas and studied at BYU for a couple years before coming on her mission. She’s the oldest of 5 kids. It’s been really fun getting to know about her family and I have really appreciated her outlook on things. She’s got one of the cutest laughs I think I’ve ever heard and I feel lucky that I’m getting to know here before she heads back to the states. It’s kind of weird being with a companion who’s going home, but it’s giving me some good perspective on how I want to be when I get to her point!

Ya’ll had some questions about what we do when it is so cold outside. Well in many places across Finland that means that the missionaries are spending the majority of their time tracting inside buildings. I think I may have mentioned before that Helsinki doesn’t have many buildings to tract because all the doors are locked… so what do we do. We walk ha. We walk and end up with our dark winter clothing looking white from all the frost and snow. Not many want to talk to us (I mean they’re freezing too!) but every once and a while you get some that are willing to stop, probably cause we look really cold and pathetic haha. But yeah, we walk and try to talk to people for a half hour to hour and then run inside for a second to warm up, and then back outside! That’s how it’s done over here ha. It was kind of funny actually. We met this woman a week and a half ago on a really cold evening. We were able to get her number and this past week met with her. She asked us a lot of questions about what we do as missionaries and our skirts specifically ha. She mentioned that as she was walking towards us she saw our skirts and thought, “Oh those poor things look so cold!” haha. So maybe the cold isn’t such a bad thing… our red noses and frosted scarves call some attention for sure and it may intrigue people to know why we are so willing to walk around in the cold. We have some really cold days coming up again, but luckily we inherited a new area this week that has some open doors! So we’ll be able to be working inside when those days come hopefully. I saw someone running the other day and their eyelashes were completely frosted! It was kind of cool… kind of hoping that happens to me one of these days haha, unless that means my eyelashes would fall out! That may not be good, don’t know if I want to pull an Uncle Tom;) ha.

Mmmmmk…. I’ve got to go sorry for the lack of email this week. If any of you have any scriptures that you really like that relate to strength, finding faith, hope, love, or just ones you like you should send them my way. We have a “kind-of” investigator that we text a scripture to each day and I’m running out of scriptures haha.

Love you all! Hope you have a wonderful week:)


Sisar Carter


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