Week 35

Helsinki had some really cool light installations put up all over the city this past week for their “LUX” event they hold every year. All over the city buildings were lit up with cool interactive lights. This was by far my favorite! Little cloud in the middle of the city:)
Here comes the snow!! (This doesn’t even do it justice… literally everything was shutting down this morning because of the snow. We ended up walking to the city center because the trams just couldn’t make it through the snow!)


Help us “create” new people… language, my forever struggle!  ha

It’s a beautiful WHITE day in Finland! The snow finally thought it was time to make an appearance and it’s been snowing non-stop. It’s actually been quite fun because instead of being really slushy and gross I feel like the snow is really “dry and fluffy” -for the lack of a better words. It’s easy to brush off you and comes down in large chunks. Also, with the snow has come warmer temperatures which I am SO incredibly grateful! Takes the edge off for sure…. but lets just say I’m going to be boot shopping for sure today! My little ankle booties have done a great job but they’re just not quite tall enough ha.

This week has been fun but hard. Since I was the one to stay in Helsinki this transfer I was also the one who was in charge of getting us around, finding appointments, and making sure that things kept going while my new companion figured out the new area. It’s kind of crazy to realize how much you actually have absorbed once you’re put to the test and it’s all on you. So let’s just say its been a long week but lovely! I am really grateful for it though and know that it’s moments like those that build strength! As someone said in church this past sunday, “You don’t build muscle from lifting feathers”. There must be some sort of resistance in order to grow, it’s necessary.

One thing I did learn this week is that for weeks in my prayers I’ve been saying “help us create (luodamaan) new people”… instead of what I actually meant to say, “help us find (löydämään) new people”. Apparently when I say find it sounds a LOT like I’m saying create haha… And I’m definitely not hoping to find people not create them. Major thanks to my companion for pointing out to me that I do this! Oops!

I hope you all have a lovely week and know just how much I love and appreciate you all! I wish I had more time to write but just noticed the time and have to jet! So happy to hear that everyone is doing well and having fun! Thanks for your constant prayers and kind words, they mean the world!


Sisar Carter


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