Week 34

Meet my new companion! Sisar Bruce!


Usko Minua?? (Believe me -Jesus) Found this sign while walking around. Picture seemed necessary.




Downtown, cute little skating ring!


It’s hard to see but if you look closely you can see all the steam coming off the water the other day. I wasn’t able to get a picture of this morning, but it literally looked like someone had dumped a bunch of dry ice in the harbor! So cool!


I just simply love this land!! This picture can’t even compare to how it really looked!


Skinny dogs in fashionable puffy coats!

Moika! Hyvää Uutta Vuotta! (Happy New Year)

This week has been full of craziness. As you all know last P-day was spent at the temple which was wonderful. It was especially fun because there were some people from my old Turku ward who were there doing temple work that day! So fun to see them and catch up a little bit. Then later that day we got a phone call… from President… and guess what! Transfers came a week early for a few of us, no idea why but that’s ok. I am still in Helsinki but I had to say goodbye to dear Sisar Kwok and welcomed the lovely Sisar Bruce to Helsinki! Sisar Bruce is a doll and it should be a fun transfer, especially considering that it is her last (I’m killing her…. ehhhh haha). Transfers happened early Saturday morning and then we got the joy of jumping right into the work. Nothing like surprising her with a relief society lesson the following day to really make her feel at home… right…? ha. The lesson ended up going great and we made cookies so that they would forgive us just in case nothing made sense, although it did, Sisar Bruce is a boss at the language!

New Years was pretty chill for me. We had to stay in, but it was nice because Sisar Kwok needed the time to pack and get ready to leave. So she packed and I cleaned. Nothing like cleaning a years worth of mystery crumbs out from under to the sink. Needless to say I partied hard this New Year’s Eve! It was fun though, and we were able to see some fireworks going off from our balcony over near the harbor. And then I went to bed at 10:30:) haha. This week in my Mission President’s email to the missionaries he shared with us some lyrics from a hymn that he sang last week at church. I thought it was quite lovely and hope you all do too…

Ring out, wild bells, to the wild sky,
The flying cloud, the frosty light.
The year is dying in the night;
Ring out, wild bells, and let him die.

Ring out the old, ring in the new.
Ring, happy bells, across the snow.
The year is going; let him go.
Ring out the false; ring in the true.

Ring in the valiant men and free
The larger heart, the kindlier hand.
Ring out the darkness of the land;
Ring in the Christ that is to be.

I love the lyrics because they hold significance to many things in my life, right now as well as things in the past. I love the visuals in the first verse because they make me think of Finland and the way it looks right now, frosted everything, the clouds… I love the second verse because it tells the story of the new year, “The year is going, let him go”. I love the third verse as it reminds me of Christ and his atonement. In the words of my Mission President, ” It is the story of repentance and of renewal in Christ and His atonement.  It is a story of recognizing truth from error, and being valiant, of being kind and having charity”. I’m so excited for this year and all that it is going to bring. I’m excited for all that is happening both here in Finland and back home with all of you! I love you all! Hope you are all having a wonderful New Year!


Sisar Carter

P.S. yeah… the dogs are loved here… my favorite thing to see is all of them in their puffy coats that I really don’t want to know how much they cost. haha.

P.P.S. remember how I talked about how warm it is… well goodbye to that. It’s been freezing the past couple of days and I’m so happy today is P-day and I can stay out of the -17 degrees Celsius that it was when I walked into the library. Last night we spent the whole evening outside contacting… lets just say everything was numb, my hair was becoming icy and sticking to my scarf, and every time I took a breath I felt my nostrils freeze haha. Fun right?! 🙂


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