Week 33


One day till Christmas!! We’ve been watching this countdown ever since I got to Helsinki and it finally hit 1!


And now it’s ready for next year again!


Christmas Breakfast for the win (complete with Captain Crunch!!)


Mmmmmm:) Not a bad way to spend Christmas. We won’t complain if people want to send us lots of chocolate! (also thanks for the Christmas PJ’S, they’re my fav!)


We spent last Saturday night being fed by our favorite Turkish friends! Sadly they are all leaving for home, but luckily they spoiled us with the finest Turkish Cuisine!! Ah it was so good!


After our bellies were full of yummy Turkish food we came out to find this!! It may have come a day late in order for us to have a white Christmas but it came nonetheless!


Just cause its funny and I know my Mom won’t like it… “UtFart”… Sisar Kwok noticed it not me Mom;)

I ate cow tongue… it was… mushy.  And Merry Christmas!!


Oh my oh my! This week was simply wonderful! I feel so spoiled from all around the world. Thank you all for making a Christmas away from home, very homey. I spent Christmas morning reading notes from you all which meant the world to me. I actually have very little time today because we are at the Temple so this week will probably be more of a week of pictures.

All in all Christmas was wonderful! Thanks for all your love and it was amazing to be able to talk to you all as well as read your sweet notes.


Sisar Carter

P.S. yeah… I ate cow tongue for my Christmas Day meal… and then snuck it onto Sisar Kwok’s plate for her to finish it for me… it was, well, not my fav haha.


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