Week 32

Only in Finland 🙂


Eskimo Sistas!


SO much Christmas Joy it almost hurts! Murrrrry Christmas ya’ll!


Darkest day of the year… can you tell…? haha. (looked better on camera haha sorry, where’s photoshop when you need it!)


I’m dreaming of a… not so white…. Juolu!

Hyvaa Juolua Perhe!

Wow it’s already Christmas! Hard to believe that. I remember being back in the MTC and thinking all sorts of things that I will have done/can do by the time Christmas is her. For example I would probably be freezing and up to my shoulders in snow (I was sweating in my coat and had to open in on my walk to the Library this morning), and that I would be fluent in the language (still can’t put simple sentences together haha)… but you have to love the unexpected moments in life. Learn that more and more everyday. Days are never as you planned and although it’s good to have goals and expectations the important thing is to make sure you can roll with life as it comes! I may not be where I thought I would be, but I wouldn’t give up the various things I’ve learned, or the people I’ve meet for anything.

This week as Christmas has been approaching it’s been interesting to watch the differences in people on the street… to watch those who are in a fast-paced motion, frantically trying to finish Christmas preparations, and those who are still giving some of their time to talk to two random girls on the street. It makes me wonder who I was last year… was I someone who would have brushed someone off because I was too worried about the material things of the season, or would I have stopped to chat for a minute or two. I must sadly say, I was probably more along the lines of the last minute shopper, quickly going from place to place. Which brings me to this Christmas… and how incredibly grateful I am to be able to have had an entire Christmas Season focused on what really matters about the season. People say that you will always remember the Christmas’s you have on your mission… and I think I’m finally beginning to understand why they say that:) This year will be spent going to a few different members home’s in the ward and giving a small Christmas message as well as Christmas Eve dinner with the Senior Missionaries and some of the YSA (we’re having clam chowder WITH clams haha… for those of you who don’t know it’s a Carter tradition to eat clam chowder without the clams every year… a.k.a. potato soup ha), and then on Christmas we will go to a small families home in the ward, eat dinner, and skype home!! It’s going to be a fun few days and I’m really thankful for all the members and people her who have reached out to us and made the season so special! Ultimately, I am so grateful for my Savior and for all the gifts he has selflessly given me my entire life and for all that he did to ensure that I could endure trials, be forgiven, learn how to love others, and so much more. He is truly the greatest gift, a gift we can recieve at any moment, and in any sitaution!

Before I say goodbye I’ll share one funny moment…. We passed this man who was working in a food cart. We thought maybe we aught to go back and talk with him, so we did! About two seconds into the conversation it was easy to see there was a definite language barrier that neither English or Finnish could help with. This was our conversation “hey we’re here from our church”, “sorry what?”, “our church”, “cheese”, “no, our church…. kirkko”, “cheese”, “ehhh”… Haha, gotta love the mass mix of laguages here!!

Well, I truly hope you all have a beautiful Christmas! Enjoy all that snow for me haha. Talk to you in a couple days!!


Sisar Carter


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