Week 31

Gloomy day… but oh so Beautiful!


The Christmas Walk! (So many countries represented here!)


We almost had the whole group here for Mission Tour… (Plus Sisar Lafferty’s fingers)


The White Church with this babe!!


10 days and counting!!


10 days till Christmas! Hard to believe it’s actually that time of year. I feel like I’m in somewhat of a time warp where things (like holidays) don’t actually exist. Nonetheless it’s been a really fun week full of little festivities here and there. I found out last week that I had permission to open my Christmas package where I found a fun countdown to Christmas… as well as some other things… like photos… and I’m not sure if I was supposed to save them or not but come on! You sent photos!! I lasted a few days before I finally broke and looked through them ha. The funny thing about it was my favorite part of looking through the photos and seeing things like handwriting on packages was how familiar it all felt. It may sound weird but ever once and a while I would get a whiff of something and finally I realized the photos and packages smelt like home ha. Who would have thought that a smell could be delivered all the way from America! It’s the little things like the smells, handwriting, voices, that I miss the most I think! Which makes me even more excited to chat with my family next week even if it’s just for a quick moment! (Which by the way we’re still working out the kinks on that but most likely I’ll be calling Christmas morning sometime your time… I’ll tell you for sure what’s happening next week).

Last P-Day we were able to get permission to go and see the famous white church (which is sadly a few blocks out of our area) and go to the Christmas Tori that they hold every year there! It was darling! So fun to walk up and down the rows of little stores where people sold salmon, goods made from wool, Christmas jams and sweets. You truly felt like you were in Santa’s village. I feel so lucky to be able to spend Christmas in such a magical place, but even more so to spend it with such incredible people and in a land I’ve grown to love with all my heart! Our ward also had their Christmas party this week. It was really cute to watch the little kid’s faces as Joulupuukki (Santa… Or Christmas Goat… remind me to tell you that story sometime) came in. They have a special song that they sing before he enters and then he came in and took pictures with all the kids and gave them treats. It was a really good day. For the show the missionaries did a skit using some common language mistakes missionaries do (we got a few laughs so that was good) and then Sisar Kwok and I had to do a live drawing of the Nativity story as a woman in our ward read it… it was stressful haha. We had about 3 minutes to draw it haha… panic moment for sure! We also went to a cool Christmas walk after Church on Sunday… I’ll let pictures do most the talking for the sake of time today but it was really fun. Afterward we went and made dinner and had a lesson with the senior couple in our ward and some members. It was really quite fun and nice to just be in a home setting.

We also had our Mission Tour this week which was phenomenal! Elder Dyches came to speak with us and as he spoke he really emphasized the idea of listening to what the Spirit is teaching you during the meeting. As he put it, “It doesn’t matter what was taught, it matters what was caught”… Or in the words of my mission president, “What have you been taught already, that hasn’t been said in words”. This is something that I’ve really appreciated about my mission so far. My leaders really stress the idea of finding out for yourself and listening to what the Spirit is telling you to do.

All in all, life is good! I am so excited for all that this season brings and for all the people in my life here and back in the States. I love you all and hope your Christmas Season has been lovely!

Lastly I’m sure many of you have seen the video A Savior is Born, but if you haven’t it’s worth a watch! Beautiful reminder of what Christmas is all about. (Plus there’s this little african boy who is really darling! He’s my favorite part haha).

Love you all!


Sisar Carter


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