Week 30

hello baltic! (about a block away from our church building!)




I just can’t get over the cute little buildings here and all their colors!


They forgot to pull the plug after their baptism haha… but what else are toes good for?






Eckberg Bakery for the win!!! Mmmmmm nothing better! Quiche and pastries!


Happy Finland’s Independance Day!! Hyvää Itsenaisyyspaivaa!


Got some Christmas Love last night!!! Kiitos perhe!! (mail strike couldn’t keep this baby away:)


It’s like a stake dance in there… oh hunny, it’s worse than that!!


Mmmk short letter this week…. I have 6 minutes left and I’m typing on a tablet ha. I had too much to read about and look at thanks to the birth of my beautiful niece Addison!! Ah I’m already so in love with her! Congrats Cam and Brooke!

Well my pictures can’t beat the ones I received this week from everyone but they’ll have to do the talking! This week was really fun and filled some adventures in cold rainy (not snowy… so weird) Helsinki. The young single adults had a party last night and we went with a couple of investigators. It was super awkward haha everyone just stood along the walls so we escaped to the bathroom for a sec… On the way I told Sisar Kwok that that it was like a stake dance, then Sister Brasher (senior missionary whose as sassy as can be!) came up behind us and said “oh hunny, it’s worse than that”…. Finns are just so quite sometimes… The party kinda livened up but it still felt weird being around people my same age.

Ahhhhh times over. Sorry for the lame letter and I’ll write more next week.


Sisar Carter


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