Week 29

Scarf up to your nose… glasses covered with rain… trying to get people to stop in a crazy storm… mission life at it’s finest!


Stockman’s! Helsinki = Christmas Town! So cute!



Pepper Inception! Pepper inside a pepper inside a pepper… courtesy of Finland


Rock Church… went and visited this last P-day… really cool church built out of a rock bed/other rocks. The copper ceiling was gorgeous!


Sibelius Monument







Tightrope walking Santa (he’s superman in the summertime…. this man is a Helsinki legend!)


Sportin’ Tightrope Walkin’ Santa’s gear with his official “Done Bless” slogan… pure class! Also… sister missionaries shouldn’t try to be gangster… it’s just sad.



Done Bless

Moika Moika moiiiii…

Can’t lie most my thoughts this week are on that cute little niece that should be arriving this week! Ah I can hardly wait for next week! It’s going to be torture not knowing if she’s come yet or not!

This week has been quite good. We’ve had a lot of rain and are expecting more for the next week or so. It makes things kind of hard because no one wants to stop and talk to you in the rain and there aren’t any open buildings in our area which makes tracting kinda impossible…. unless you’re sneaky haha;) We’ve also been having some gnarly winds where you are practically pushing with all your might against them and then all of a sudden they’ll stop and you’ll nearly fall over ha. Last Saturday we didn’t have any appointments so we tried to go out contacting. After not much progress during the afternoon and with the sad thought of having to do the same thing all night when it’s extra cold we came up with the grand idea to make gingerbread temples with some of the recent converts we’ve been teaching and a couple in the ward (who’s actually from Utah). It was a really fun night and we were able to talk about the blessings of temples and all that. We also had a dinner appointment this Thursday with a cute little family with three little girls and they surprised us with a Thanksgiving dinner! Complete with a sweet potato pie, cause pumpkin is nearly impossible to find over here…. unless you have connections with a man from Jersey who finds you all the imported American goods haha. We’ve been enjoying oreos, peanut butter, welch’s grape jelly, turkey spam, and all sorts of other goodies thanks to him!

Mmmk…. sorry but this letter is going to be a little dry this week… so much I could write, but so many privacy laws, and so little time! I love you all and hope you all have an exciting week! Thanks for all your love and support!


Sisar Carter

P.S. Mom… the Finns think you’re a boss at knitting. I’ve had people want to look at the mittens and stuff you’ve made me!


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