Week 28



Do you see that break in the buildings… we live right up in there!


The Harbor near our apartment! See how low the sun is! It’s only noon! That’s the highest it gets right now ha.


Got to see these lovely ladies this week at zone training! Can’t believe all four of us are in the same zone!!


This morning… when passing the train station.


Thanksgiving!!!! …. a week early… oops!


Vanhin Brasher


Hyvää Kiitos Päivää!


This city just has my heart! Soooo cute!


I’m not American… I didn’t even know when Thanksgiving is…

Mmmmk…. so another week in beautiful Helsinki! I must say it feels kinda odd to always be surrounded by massive buildings and to be in such a smaller area. In Turku we covered a lot of area including a lot of more forested/rural area so this is definitely a big change. I think the thing that I love most about this new area though is the diversity. Helsinki is a huge college town among other things. It’s also a huge hub for tourists bringing people in from all over the world. For example you may be talking to someone from Russia one day, walk down the street and bump into a student from Korea, and then end the night teaching some people from Iran or Turkey… I mean yesterday we met a member who is Korean with a Japanese name and was raised in Russia… quite the combo ha! But needless to say I love it! I love what a mixing pot it is and how many different cultures are represented here. It does mean that we talk and teach a lot in English (which isn’t the best for someone who’s trying to learn Finnish), but it’s still really good.

This past week we actually thought it was Thanksgiving… yeah… we made a Thanksgiving Lunch on Thursday and we put a Thanksgiving dinner together for it for our investigators and other members of the ward… turns out it’s this week haha. But oh well! Two Thanksgivings never hurt anyone! It was actually quite fun though. We played a get to know you game to help investigators and everyone meet each other (with a rockin’ Santa’s Flight School Trucker Hat complete with antlers as the grand prize along with Fazer chocolate… pretttttty rad right? ha). We also got our sister missionary on and made little pendant decorations…. all in all it turned out to be a really good night. And even though the oven broke at the church somehow it was able to get hot enough to still have the turkey cooked in time! blessings ha.

Speaking of blessings I thought I aught to list a few things I’m truly grateful for… This the season for doing that right?!

+ Friends and family who offer me support regardless of whatever crazy adventure I do.

+ That I don’t have to worry about the little yet really big things like food, water, shelter. I often forget how lucky I truly am to have things like that.

+ The opputunity and means to receive an education and follow my ambitions.

+ Lovely people here in Finland who brighten my day and make this whole experience a little sweeter!

+ And ultimately my Savior. He’s the one who knows and understands my heart fully. He comforts me day and night and is always willing to stretch forth his hand.

In other news we finally got some snow!! Being so south and in the middle of the city also means that the snow that we did get is barely a skiff. But it was fun to see the first snowflakes fall down the other night. But snow or not its freezing! We were out walking all afternoon yesterday and I couldn’t feel my toes by the end ha… If I don’t come home with all ten I won’t be surprised;) More and more each day the city becomes more of a Christmas town! The store windows are lined with green garlands, lights are everywhere, one mall has a big bow on it and Stockman’s department store’s door has been transformed into a big present! Its quite cute.

OK I’ve got to go!! Love you all!! Happy Thanksgiving!!


Sisar Carter

PS….Dad, Rakaudella means “with love”…. And that tongue twister is a hard translation but it is about a bonfire. And I think the little boyscout in the movie Up says it, or so I’ve heard!!


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