Week 27

Burgers from the grille! We talked about going here the entire time we were here and finally did on my last night… it was pretty nasty actually haha


Sweet sweet goodbyes with Sisar Hyde, Sisar Lafferty, and Veli Puikonen
Standin in Helsinki… but lookin at Espoo (Espoo is where the temple is)
Katso! Minun Uusi Toverini Sisar Kwok! (Look! My New Comp)
Reppin’ our Winco love… don’t know how we got on this topic last night but it led to a pretty dramatic black and white photo session last night… yeah…. this is how we entertain ourselves.

When a drunk man blows raspberries at you…. Helsinki for the win!

Wow! What a week…. to say the least. Well…. where to begin. The end of last week was pretty hectic as we tried to fit in seeing as many of our investigators as possible and doing all the last minute Turku things (like go to the burger place in the city center… pic provided… it wasn’t that great haha). We had some really incredible moments with some of our investigators and it truly was hard to say goodbye. I felt really lucky to be able to say goodbye to as many as I did though. One girl who we haven’t been able to really reach lately showed up randomly and I was able to say goodbye to… I don’t know… it was just a really good little bit leading up to leaving last Wednesday.

Wednesday morning was kind of crazy as I finished up packing and left my “mission momma” (trainer) and left for the big city of Helsinki. It was kind of weird being all alone for a few hours as I traveled but kind of nice at the same time not going to lie. Gotta take advantage of those moments to yourself on the mission. But then I arrived and met my new companion Sisar Kwok!! She’s been on her mission for about a year now and is a total boss! I feel so blessed that I get to work with her and I know I’m going to learn so much from her:) She’s from Provo Utah and her family actually owns the restaurant Shoots that’s in the Riverwoods near where I used to work (Pebbles and Twigs). Such a small world! Shoots is also the first place I ate meat after going non-veggi before the mission. We were meant to be companions! ha.

Anyway Helsinki!! Oh my Helsinki!! I’ve seen little bits of it here and there before but really…. I’m not coming home. This city is beautiful! It’s full of buildings with character and cobble-stone streets and cable cars that are actually our main mode of transportation. I feel like I’m in a movie all over again! There are 3 companionships in our district (in the city)…. 4 elders and 2 sisters total, oh and a senior couple. Our area is considerably smaller than what I had to cover in Turku. We live right near the harbor where cruise ships come in and dock which is pretty cool. The vibe of the city is really great and actually the people here seem quite a bit friendlier, which actually surprised me a little bit. But there are a lot of foreigners here as well so maybe that has influenced things a bit. Anyways, I love this place!

I’m convinced that Helsinki is going to be a place full of miracles… yeah that totally sounds super missionary cheesy I know but I have a good feeling about this place. I’ve been blown away so far at the moments when we’ve been in the right place at the right time. We even had one woman tell us that she felt like it was a sign that we showed up right when we did and ran into a woman that we were trying to get in contact with in the street. I mean there have been bad (well more funny) moments too when you have drunk people blowing raspberries at you while they’re trying to mock you…. but mostly I’m way impressed with this city. Who knows what will come in the next couple months but I’m excited:) Anyway… I gotta jet… I’ll sign out with some fun Finnish phrases for y’all!

en mä jaksaa – literally means I don’t feel like it… like when you ask someone why they don’t want to come/meet with you they can say en mä jaksaa, and it’s a legitimate excuse here! haha

mitä ihmettä – what the miracle… aka what in the world/ what the heck

mitä siitä – what about it…. kinda like “what of it?”, you can use this when you’re feelin’ sassy

and finally a tongue twister some lady on the tran gave us (watch out for dem’ double k’s and double o’s)

kokoo kokko.
koko kokkoko?
koko kokko.

Well I’m off! Have an incredible Thanksgiving this week!! Love you all!

Sisar Carter

P.S. I can’t believe you all already have snow! We don’t even have snow here yet! What the??!


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