Week 9

Last day with our teachers!! (well not for me but kinda... ha) Sisar Johnson!
Last day with our teachers!! (well not for me but kinda… ha) Sisar Johnson!
Sisar Walker
Sisar Walker
Sisar Egan (We also had another teacher, Sisar Jones, who was a native Finn but I don't have the pictures with her.)
Sisar Egan (We also had another teacher, Sisar Jones, who was a native Finn but I don’t have the pictures with her.)
Gettin wild on the 4th... the let us stay up till 11 tonight to watch fireworks.... wild night for sure;) haha
Gettin wild on the 4th… the let us stay up till 11 tonight to watch fireworks…. wild night for sure;) haha
​Last temple walk with our zone!
​Last temple walk with our zone!
Our awesome
Our awesome “2nd Parents” a.k.a. our Brand Presidency
Cause ugly face pictures are necessary for sanity! ​
Cause ugly face pictures are necessary for sanity! ​
Last time on
Last time on “our” bench with Sisar Toomey! Many great conversations happened here haha
​My beautiful new companion!!
​My beautiful new companion!!
For all you Parks and Rec fans.... we found Ron Swanson!! (a.k.a. Elder Groomes)
For all you Parks and Rec fans…. we found Ron Swanson!! (a.k.a. Elder Groomes)
Birthdays and mustaches make everything better!
Birthdays and mustaches make everything better!
The new Finns.... they're the cutest (Elder Armond's birthday)
The new Finns…. they’re the cutest (Elder Armond’s birthday)

I didn’t pass the test…


So as many of you know this week came with a little bit of disappointment. I found out late last Thursday night that my visa hadn’t arrived and that I wouldn’t be traveling with my district the coming Monday. Needless to say I was pretty devastated. I had spent the whole day packing and finishing getting ready to go and the past 9 weeks anxiously waiting this day only to get a letter with minimal information saying I wasn’t going. More than anything disappointment is just hard. I truly believe that Heavenly Father has his hands in everything we do and I know that there are reasons why it didn’t come but even with knowing that it’s still hard. So yeah, I may have cried myself to sleep that night haha. Kinda pathetic I know! The next couple of days were somewhat of a drag because I still had to go about my day and go to various devotionals/meetings as if I were leaving. I’m not going to lie, it was hard trying to be upbeat and happy for the other sisters and others in general who were so excited to be leaving knowing I wasn’t and had no idea when I would be leaving… it was at least harder than I expected it to be. Ultimately there were still more blessings and fun/happy things than sad and I just had to make sure I focused on the good rather than the bad. But that’s just how life is in general, you have to choose to be happy and roll with it. Dwelling on the sad things in life gets you nowhere. Let yourself be sad, and then choose to move past it.

So I decided to have some fun with the situation! None of the elders in either the New Finns or the Hungarians knew that I hadn’t received my visa so we decided to keep it that way! And when Monday morning rolled around I walked into the cafeteria for breakfast with the other sisters. Obviously when we walked to our table everyone looked at me and was like wait… what??? They all asked why I was here and so I did the best acting I could (which let’s get real wasn’t that great, I’m surprised they believed me), sat down and said, “Do you want to know the embarrassing truth?”… “You know the language assessments we have that we all thought were a big joke? Well apparently they’re not and since I didn’t take mine seriously they decided to keep me here a couple weeks more to review the language with the new Finns…” K, I wish you all could have seen their faces! The panic on it was priceless. One elder said, “I didn’t think they listened to them, I just did mine in English!”, another said, “I did part of mine in Spanish”, and another, “wait… do you think we can retake them?!”. Oh gosh it was probably kinda mean but I sincerely didn’t think they’d believe me! So since they believed me completely the girls and I figured we’d wait and see how long it would take them to figure things out. So, here’s where it gets even better… I had to go and check with the office on my visa so I went and did my thing and everyone went to class. Apparently one of the elders in the Finnish class told everyone when they first got back to class, “guys, I know that if we study really hard we will be able to pass the test! We can do this!”. I got back to the class later on and just sat in the back in did my own study. When everyone went to the bathroom I stayed and chatted with the teacher (she’s an old teacher of mine) and explained to her what we had done. Later on in the day Sisar Cardon (my new companion) and I were doing companionship study in the other room and all of a sudden our teacher came running in dying of laughter (K this teacher doesn’t show emotion that easily which made it even greater!) She said that one of the elders had said to her, “We all know why she’s still here…”, she looked at him like yeah?? so?? and he said, “cause she didn’t pass the test!” (as if it were some big scandal). She just said, “oh my gosh, no she just didn’t get her visa!” haha. Let’s just say all the elders were really relieved/soooo mad at me haha. It was pretty funny! The Hungarian elders didn’t find out until the end of that day that it had all been a big prank… they had even asked both their teachers about it and both of them had just busted up laughing as well. All in all it was a good way to break some bad news and put a fun spin on things.

A huge blessing of this week has been my new companion Sisar Cardon! She’s the cutest thing and I feel so lucky that I’ve gotten to spend these last few days with her. We clicked instantly and it’s been way fun having someone that I get along with so well. She’s from Bountiful and she actually lives really close to North Canyon Park (so way close to Cam/Brooke, I think at least). She graduated from Woods Cross but she says that she thinks she knows Claire and that her older sister may have been friends with Lauren! Small world! She’s been such an incredible support system for me the past few days and it’s really turned what could have been some long boring days into a lot of fun. We’re able to talk about anything and she’s seriously the biggest sweetheart!

The past few days I’ve just been in the Finnish room. I pretty much just sit in the corner and do my own thing. They have an odd number so whenever they have to practice with one another I step in and help/ I’ve been teaching Sisar Cardon’s investigator with her so she can see how it is to teach with another sister rather than two elders. The days luckily go by quickly. – ok so I actually just went and took a break to go get my camera and stopped by the travel office. They were able to make a phone call to the agent in charge of me and apparently the visa is at least on it’s way now! But sad news I still probably won’t be leaving till next Wednesday, which I can’t lie I’m pretty bummed about because that means practically another week her in the good ol’ MTC. Serves me right for being so excited I only had to be here 9 weeks instead of 12, by the time I leave I’ll be on my 11th week ha. Oh the irony. But oh well, nothing I can do but hope that they bump it up, and that time goes by quickly! At least I received some information though!! Better than not knowing anything! That’s probably been the most frustrating part is not having anything told to me this last week and just having to sit and wonder.

Well anyway, I’d better go… Love you all and thanks for all the support this last week! It’s meant a lot!!

-Sisar Carter


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