Week 6

Moi Moi old room and the beautiful mini fridge!
​You just can’t beat gals like these!
Unpacking process – K I know it looks a lot like the old rooms, but take my word for it, they’re SOOOOO much nicer. I’ll send pics of the bathroom next week. They’re heaven.
​Meet Sisar Thayne…. she kinda has a glue/white out/sharpie addiction… not really… but kinda…
Puolla!! There’s a sweet sister who is leaving next week to Finland. She’ll be serving in the office there (she and her husband were mission presidents years ago). She spoils us with puolla, it’s so good!!
​I love our new housing but I’ll definitely miss the old place… where walking on walls is possible!

I say Piirtaja you say Perjantai… neither means Designer

Moi!It’s funny how bi-polar days can feel. It can bounce from feeling great, to feeling such despair (despair sounds really dramatic… it’s not actually that bad I guess haha). This week has had plenty of ups and downs, the beautiful thing is that whenever it gets to be overwhelming I can count on a prayer, or the sister’s in my district to cheer me up.

I had a pretty rough morning yesterday (everything that happened is actually quite funny when you look at it but at the time it was hard). We had our first Skype TRC (which is when you give lessons to random volunteers through Skype in Finland). I was pretty pumped because I’d actually get to chat with someone in Finland and see their house, what they look like, what true Finnish really sounds like, etc… but everything went wrong! I’ll just fill you in on some of the highlights…

First we were told that the volunteer my companion and I were assigned to cancelled last minute so the man filling in was on a time crunch because he was actually at a BBQ with family/friends (like he was in the middle of his meal, there were times when a piece of meat would just come in from the side of the screen and he would awkwardly take bites haha). So we had it in our head that we have to be quick and couldn’t do everything we had prepared to do. With that in mind we buzzed through our lesson looked at the time… it had been 7 minutes… and we had another 13 or so to go. Now I would have been fine and happy if those had been 7 quality minutes but both my companion and I had done nothing but word vomit the entire time and so the thought of 13 more minutes just made me want to cry. So I awkwardly tried to ask him what he did for work, he told us and we smiled, nodded, and said things like “tosi siistia” (very cool) trying to pretend like we understood haha (he saw right through it of course and just told us in English that he was a software designer). I got excited because I had looked up designer in our fancy little dictionary and was all like oh sweet I’m a designer too! He looked at me like what the heck and said back “you’re Friday???”. Guys, the dictionary lied… and the word that I was trying to say sounded a lot like Friday instead of designer (I said Piirtäjä, he said Perjantai, neither were right). I ended up just saying designer in English and he was like ohhhhh you mean this (a word that was no where near what I had written down from the dictionary). Which leads me to wonder, how many other words that I’ve learned are actually incorrect. I feel like every day I have a moment like this, once in a lesson our teacher (who is usually really good at looking past all our mistakes) completely lost it and couldn’t regain her composure after something I said.

So after we awkwardly tried make small talk with this guy I decided we could finish things up with the scripture that we had skipped from our lesson. I flipped to what I had marked and started reading, it didn’t seem right but I read it anyway because it’s what I had written down… I read it, said a quick testimony about the Holy Ghost which was what we were teaching about, he looked at us really really oddly and then we quickly said bye. Afterward I just felt like crap… and then it got better!! My companion looked over at me and told me that I had read the wrong scripture. We looked it up in English and instead of reading a nice little scripture about the Holy Ghost being a comforter I read something about the devil, and being damned or something like that haha. The poor guy was probably so confused, he was such a good sport. And wait…. it gets EVEN better! We got back to class and realized that the scripture my companion had read had also been the wrong scripture, she’d mixed up the numbers and had also read one about the devil. So the entire lesson had been us trying to sweetly talk about how the Holy Ghost is such a blessing in our lives and then backing it all up with scriptures about the devil…. Solid lesson:) For sure! We’re so ready for Finland! haha.

Needless to say I have had many moments like this, but I’m not alone. Another girl accidentally said magic in her lesson, and another one cussed, so I guess it could be worse ha. Good news is right after this humiliating experience I got a beautiful care package from the fam:) It couldn’t have come at a better time! I really needed 4 dozen pumpkin cookies at that moment ha. Also thanks for the pillowcase, seriously the linens here are terrifying. You just have to learn to ignore the mystery stains.

Good news though!! We moved!! There has been a lot of construction lately and they finally finished some of the buildings. They moved us to the new building so they can start renovations on our buildings and seriously it’s like we moved to a penthouse suite!! It’s beautiful, and all of the Finns are officially in the same room now which makes it really fun:)

Well I am out of time! The hour goes way too quick! I love you all and you’re always in my prayers. I am so grateful for this opportunity to serve even though it’s really hard. I love that I have a Heavenly Father who understands me fully and is there for me when I have a hard day. I can see the influence he has on me and my life and I know that he is there. Thanks for all your support everyone! I love you all!


-Sisar Carter

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