Week 1

Week 1 Pic 1
Our first Sunday Temple Walk with my two beautiful companions. On the left is Sisar Toomey and middle is Sisar McPherson.
Week 1 Pic 2
Another one from the temple walk. Sisar Levanen is one of our STL’s (sister training leaders) and I absolutely adore her! She’s amazing, one of the most loving ladies I know. She’s 26 so it’s been kinda cool having another older sista to bond with haha.
Week 1 Pic 3
Kind of a lame picture but memories right?! ha
Week 1 Pic 4
The trio outside the Finnish Consolate in LA finalizing our visas. It was so fun being able to chat with the Finns, everyone there was so beautiful. Blondes and crazy beautiful crystal blue eyes, and when they spoke Finnish… Oh my! It was gorgeous!
Week 1 Pic 6
Meet David, our tour guide for the day. I still love that of all the beaches he could have stopped at we went to Venice ha. 7 little mormon missionaries and a lot of pot in the air, what more could you ask for?!
Week 1 Pic 7
Just cause haha…. What do you expect, its me!
Week 1 Pic 9
Didn’t think I’d see a view like this for a while!
Week 1 Pic 11
LA Temple!!
Week 1 Pic 13

Ohhhhh baby… guys… I made it a week!

Hey Perhe (family)!

First things first, I don’t hate the MTC guys! Ha, who would have thought I’d actually be ok being locked up (ps don’t quote me on this in a couple weeks when I’m REALLY sick of this place haha). I don’t have much time so I’m just going to give you all the highlights of the week!

Language started off the second we dropped our bags off at our rooms. We were immediately greeted in Finnish by our teacher and haven’t heard more than a few english words out of them since. Full immersion without being able to just get a straight forward answer when something really doesn’t make sense is really tough, but it will get there. It’s hard to not get down on yourself, especially when others in your class are picking it up so much faster, but I’ve learned I just need to continue to humble myself and lean on my Heavenly Father for help (all day, everyday!). The second day we were here none of our teachers showed up and so we were left to just figure things out for ourselves (thursdays are normally our Pdays so the teachers just didn’t think they had to come in last thursday). Oh and then get this… after a day of no finnish lessons we had to go and teach our first “investigator”… in Finnish. Let’s just say it was…. interesting. I’ve never felt so dumb haha. But its good because it really shows you just how much you need to focus on learning the language while you’re hear and build a foundation so that hopefully I will be able to eloquently speak my mind at some point! ha.

This week was pretty exciting because we were able to go and spend a day in L.A.!! On Tuesday we woke up at 2:30 and were driven to the airport to catch our flight to go meet with the Finnish Consulate and finalize visa things. After meeting with the consulate we had a few hours left to kill so we had our driver take us to the beach to get some lunch and then later to the L.A. temple. Mmmmk…. let’s just talk for a second about this driver we had. His name was David and he was seriously so great! Such a character, he was a brotha with so much soul! It was hard not to love him. He is actually really interested in religion and loves asking people what/who they think God is. So, we were able to talk to him all day about various religious things. He definitely has a very set perspective (he actually thinks he’s his own God, and that nature is also God but oh well it’s always cool seeing someone else’s view and I loved that he had put a lot of thought into his beliefs, he had reasons to back it all up which I thought was cool). It was interesting because even though he was pretty reluctant to seeing some of our perspectives there were still some times when we were talking (there was a point when we were in the visitor center at the LA temple where he “challenged” us to tell him about our thoughts and so I teased him back and basically said bring it on I’ll tell ya what I think haha. As I talked to him I could see in his eyes that he was feeling something, which was really cool…. it’s a really hard thing to explain and I don’t have the time to explain the whole thing but it was pretty cool.) Anyway I don’t have the time to write as much as I wish I could about LA but it was an amazing day full of a lot of really great experiences!

I’ve seen Syd a couple times now and she’s doing so great! I just adore her and love her so much and I couldn’t be happier that I’m able to spend this time in the MTC with her.

P.S. I’m officially putting in my guess for the “little grape” as Cam puts it. I think it’s going to be a girl. Thanks for the ultrasound by the way. Made me sooooo excited! Already love my lil grape so much haha.

Thanks so much for all the love and support! The dear elders and emails really mean so much! Please send pictures!



Sisar Carter


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