Week 3

Tample Walk
And then sometimes the lack of the real world gets to you and you find entertainment in any way possible…. forewarning I’m sure my pictures will just get more and more weird… I understand why people come home weird from missions now! ha
Sister Levanen! She’s my fav. So sad that it’s already time for her to go to Hungary. She made the transition into missionary life a lot easier and was a huge help with our companionship the first couple of weeks when we had some extra stresses. Also… we had the same skirt and almost the same top/glasses so of course you have to be twins for a day (once again, being a missionary makes you do things like this… it just does).

Did you know there was such as thing as a pillow room?

Heyyyyy oh! So I found out earlier this week that there is a room in the residence buildings called the pillow room. Apparently it’s a room filled entirely of pillows… sadly we haven’t found it yet but we are on the search! I’ll keep ya updated…

This week has been really great. As much as I have missed having Sisar McPherson around and her fun personality it’s been nice to really put all my focus into learning. Also, just the added stresses that, that whole situation brought are gone now and I have felt like I can open up, relax, and focus on connecting with the other sisters/focus on learning the gospel/finnish. (I don’t want you to think I’m happy she’s gone ps… cause I really do miss her a lot! lol). It was really cool how everyone came together to show her some love the night before she left. I was really impressed with my district/zone.

We were able to listen/sing for (yeah, I sang in the choir, I know, it’s weird…) Elder Holland this past Tuesday which was really incredible. He gave a great message on speaking up and not keeping what you have to say to yourself. He said, “we must use spiritually driven, love filled words”. I love that thought. If you’re making your decisions through the spirit, trusting Christ, and delivering your message with love you really can’t go wrong. This among other things he said were all very powerful, especially since we’re learning another language! Let’s get real, I’m not going to be able to speak Finnish very well, but words aren’t what effects someone, it’s the spirit that does. I can testify of Christ and this gospel to strangers with assurity because I can’t deny the moments when the Spirit has had such an impact on my life. “He” is what has changed my life!

The Finnish is… coming along…? haha. Sorry Dad, I can’t correctly translate that message. I’ll have to go get my dictionary for that… You’re only allowed to use the 200 or so words I know/can recognize… don’t you know that? ha;) I did see that there were a few things that weren’t conjugated correctly though so I’d say that counts for something! It’s funny though cause we’ve actually had times in devotionals where “the Finns” have been called out and the speaker will have us stand. One of them said, Oh my nephew went to Finland… all I can say is good luck with that! Everyone just loves to boost our spirits;)

The care package was amazing! Thank you so very much for that! I love everything in it! You did so great Mom! I’m also so glad you all had a great anniversary!

Sorry, I’m out of time, but just know how much I love you all! Like always your emails, dear elders (especially the dear elders), and packages mean the world! Oh and sorry for the overload of pictures ps….

Mina rakkastan sinua!!!!

-Sisar Carter


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